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Ajapa Is A Side-Scrolling Platform Puzzle Game Played At A Turtle’s Pace

June 24, 2013

Ajapa ($0.99) by Olatunji World is a puzzle game that looks and acts like a side-scrolling platformer. Don’t let it fool you though. You may be jumping from ledge to ledge, but ultimately, you’ll have to plan out how to get from one platform to another before you make the leap.

To move, touch the right or left side of the screen. Ajapa will begin walking slowly forward. He will automatically leap forward when he reaches the edge of a cliff and will automatically climb up small steps.

There are times when the gap between two platforms is too small. In order to get Ajapa across, place an earth element in between the ledges. Sometimes, there is a wall that is too high for Ajapa to climb. You’ll need wind power or help from a rubber plant to get past these obstacles. Call on wind, rain, fire, and earth elements to create wildlife that will project you over impassible walls.

As the tortoise travels through the jungle, he will pick up elements that he can use to help him in his journey. The elements are used to create plants or platforms. Each plant costs a certain number of elements. For example, the rubber plant costs one rain and one earth element. When you are done using a plant, you can return the elements to Ajapa by double tapping it.

The rubber plant and wind flower offer multiple directions. If you pick the right path, you might find the hidden gem. If you pick the wrong path, you may fall into a pit.

This game looks like a side-scrolling platformer, but it is actually a puzzle game. You won’t be running from scene to scene, grabbing coins and dodging enemies. Well, you will. It just won’t be fast-paced. You’ll have to plan your moves carefully and decide the best way to get through the obstacle course.

Instead of jumping from platform to platform, looking for secret bricks to break and smashing enemies, you’ll be growing rubber plants and wind flowers and trying to avoid getting killed by poisonous mushrooms. Each level includes multiple puzzle challenges that you must figure out.

I found this game to be very frustrating at first. I went into it thinking I was playing a traditional platformer, but was constantly thwarted by the need to plan a strategy in order to get through the level. After a while, I settled into the slow pace and was able to see that it is a puzzle challenge, not an adventure game.


Ajapa is entertaining and offers a casual challenge that keeps your brain working. It looks great and plays smoothly. Don’t be confused by its looks. This is not a traditional platform adventure. It is a puzzle game, through and through. The price is reasonable at only $0.99 and there are more than 40 different levels to play through for hours of gaming fun. There is also a lite version that you can try out to see if you like it.

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