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Unravel Fine Words Of Wisdom In Alpha Zen

November 20, 2013

Alpha Zen (Free) by Large Animal Games is a puzzle word game that is the second in the series of Zen games, with the first being Color Zen. While the first entry was more of just a puzzle game, Alpha Zen combines the element of word game in with it to create an equally relaxing game geared towards word and quote fans.

Like Color Zen, Alpha Zen features very simplistic, yet charming visuals that are appealing to the eye. You will find gorgeous color gradients that change as they are on the screen, and the typography used is nice and easy-to-read as well. The game soundtrack is very calming, which means it’s nice to have open in the background just to listen to it.

While Alpha Zen is free, it will only come with the first chapter of levels in the initial download. You can purchase the rest of the levels through an in-app purchase of $0.99 for a limited time, which will go up to $1.99 after the promo period. I recommend playing through the first chapter before deciding if the game is for you.

While there is the regular levels to go through, Alpha Zen also features another mode that you can play, but it requires Facebook. The Friend Mode creates levels that are based from your friends’ posts, so these will always be unique to the player, and there are infinite levels since they are randomly chosen and generated.

So what is Alpha Zen, exactly? Each level will consist of at least two or more words, and your job is to connect them together based on a common letter that they all share. To do this, just drag one word on top of the other over the letter you want to connect them by. You can also rotate words to be either vertical or horizontal by tapping on them once. Later on, you will also need to fit the words inside a certain space on the screen, which is indicated by a white outline. If the words don’t fit inside the space, it won’t count and you’ll have to try another solution.

As you’d imagine, things get a little more tricky when there are three, four, or even five words involved, and when there’s a specific area for them to go. Fortunately, just like Color Zen, Alpha Zen does not penalize players for mistakes. In fact, there is no scoring system either. The game is about relaxing with some wise words of wisdom.

As you piece everything together in a puzzle, the words will join together to reveal a quote that you may or may not have heard of before. And of course, if you’re playing the Friend Mode, then you will reveal that person’s status update (it probably won’t be words of wisdom though, depending on your friends).

So far, I’m really enjoying Alpha Zen. Things can get a little difficult, but again, there are no penalties so you can take as long as you want with solving these word puzzles. It’s also a great game to just sit back and relax with, just like the original Color Zen.

If you enjoy word games and puzzles, then I highly recommend checking out Alpha Zen. You can get it for free in the App Store as a universal download.

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