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At Last not Last
At Last not Last

Do Whatever It Takes To Be Not Last In At Last Not Last

June 27, 2013

At Last not Last ($0.99) by qbcode is a cute little racing game involving a special, magical forest and the adorable creatures that inhabit it. If you have a need for speed and love little animals, then this game is made for you.

I am quite in love with the visuals in the game. Even though there is only one environment, the magical forest, each racing stage is slightly different from the last. The forest is also beautiful to watch as you race, having a lush look and feel to it with and nice amount of detail. As if that isn’t enough, the game features a stunning, whimsical soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod that will definitely immerse you in the world of At Last Not Last.

The game only has 18 levels for you to race in, which may seem short, but you will have quite a time going through them all. In each level, your goal is to race with the other forest animals and rank in the top three. You have four animals to choose from: white rabbit, chipmunk, skunk, and gold hare. However, in the beginning, you will only be able to play as the rabbit, at least until you gather enough coins to unlock the other three animals.

The controls are rather simple, as each animal will run automatically. Your job is to help it time jumps properly to gain the upper-hand on the other critters. To jump, all you need to do is tap anywhere on the screen. As you’re playing, you will also notice that there are a lot of giant mushrooms. The goal is to use these to bounce and gain speed. In order to do this, you will need to “plunge” down on the mushroom caps during a jump, which is done by holding a finger down on the screen while in the air. The game is largely about placement and timing, which if done right, will get you in the top three. A progress bar at the top will reveal your current position in the race.

Of course, things would be too easy if it were just a matter of reaching the finish line, right? There will be obstacles and dangers in your way, such as spiky cacti and holes. Oh, and there will be a wide variety of power-ups to unlock and use to your advantage (or avoid from opponents). Players are able to hold three power-ups at a time, which can be used at any time during the race by tapping on the appropriate icon at the bottom.

In order to clear a level and move on to the next, you will need to be in the top three. If you aren’t, then you will need to keep replaying that level until you are. There’s also no way of skipping it either, which is great — the game requires skill to beat, it’s not a game that you can just buy your way through.

There are coins that you will want to collect during the race, which you can also earn some extra by ranking in the top three. These will be used to get the other animals, which all have unique traits that give them some kind of advantage in the race. The white rabbit runs faster, the chipmunk jumps higher, the skunk slows everyone down with his stench, and the hare attracts more coins. It will definitely take some time before you get all of the other guys, so the replay value is here.

I found the game to be relatively simple, yet still fun to play. It’s almost like an endless runner, except mixed in with a bit of racing. I do wish the controls were a bit better, though, as I found it to be a little unresponsive at times, and the placement seems like it needs to be precise in order to bounce on the mushrooms. Kind of annoying, but not a game-breaker — just takes a bit more time to get used to, at least for me. I think it would also be nice to add Game Center support, with times for leaderboards and some achievements. More areas and levels would be welcome as well.

Overall, At Last Not Last is a cute little racing game that should appeal to kids and adults alike. It’s beautiful, charming, and will keep you engaged for quite some time.

You can find At Last Not Last in the App Store as a universal download for $0.99.

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At Last not Last
At Last not Last

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