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Guess Who The Blokheads Are In This Quirky Pop Trivia Game

June 23, 2013

Blokheads ($0.99) by James Porter is a pop trivia game that uses minimalistic graphics to keep you guessing.

Do you think you know everything there is to know about movies? How about video games? You can prove yourself by guessing who the Blokheads are and unlocking all of the wallpapers.

This app is extremely easy to use. You just select a topic like “music” or “world,” open one of the available grids, look for any Blokheads that you think you recognize, then enter your guess to see if you’re right. You can take as many guesses as you like.

Inputting your answers with Blokheads is very similar to the process in Draw Something. A combination of the letters you’re given contain the correct answers. You just have to select them in the right order.

As with Draw Something, you also have the option of “cheating.” You can spend virtual coins on clues or full solutions to puzzles. A hint costs between 15-20 coins and a full solution costs you 250 of them. You can collect more coins by solving puzzles, or you can buy them with in-app purchases. 250 coins can cost as much as $0.99. If you know your trivia, you won’t need to resort to spending coins on hints.

Once you solve a full grid of Blokhead puzzles, you’ll be able to set the completed grid as your wallpaper. There are also achievements, such as “chip off” or “blokbuster,” that motivate you to keep guessing.

Unlocking all of the wallpapers isn’t easy, as most Blokheads don’t give much away and there are plenty of them to get through.

My trivia knowledge is weak and I have no interest in improving it, so I didn’t really enjoy this game.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. Blokheads is a well designed app that is actually quite challenging. If you think you’re a trivia master and you want to see if you can complete all of the grids, you’ll enjoy this app.

You can get Blokheads for both the iPhone and iPad for $0.99 in the App Store.

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