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Use Physics To Free Animals In Chickens And Moles

March 5, 2013

Chickens And Moles ($0.99) by Daniel Johnston is a physics-based game centering on rescuing chickens and moles from their cruel capture.

You see, Farmer Grumble can’t stand loud noises. He certainly can’t stand the constant “bok bok” and “drrr drrr” sounds the chickens and moles make. His solution? Pen those noisy animals in cages.

You play as a nameless hero who can’t stand the sight of poor chickens and moles being captured simply for doing what they like to do. The solution? Toss a ball at the Angry-Bird-like structures to free them.

Similar to other physics-based games, such as Foozle, you need to use the structures to achieve your goal. Throw the ball at the right spot to make the structure collapse and break the cages open.

What’s challenging about this game is the lack of room for error. You’re only provided with the minimal amount of balls to get the job done. One miss or failure to destroy the structure properly, and you’ll need to restart the level until you can figure out the puzzle.

And no, you can’t just throw a ball at the cages (I tried that).

For the most part, your strategy will consist of breaking the foundation of the wood blocks in order to drop one of the stone blocks on the cages.

Why is it chickens and moles that need to be rescued? Not sure. But I do know that logic aside, this is a fun and challenging game. Instead of randomly throwing balls, hoping to make something happen, it takes a well thought out execution.

This game is sure to appeal to physics-based gamers as well as children. Available for the iPhone and iPad at $0.99, this is definitely a title to pick up.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the App Store and liberate some chickens and moles.

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