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Danger Boat
Danger Boat

Look Out, Danger Boat Is Headed Your Way

March 14, 2013

Danger Boat (Free) by Pixelocity Software LLC is an endless survival game that takes place in the wide open sea. Ride the waves and avoid crashing into rocks as you race to eternity in your speedy little vessel.

Players control a quick moving boat as it travels across the ocean. Collect coins, generate power ups and avoid incoming missiles as you try to get as far as possible before crashing and burning.

To steer your speedboat, tilt your device to the left or right. You’ll need to have precise timing in order to avoid incoming missile attacks, jagged rocks, ocean waves, and other obstacles. Sometimes, you’ll be able to jump over dangerous rocks by making your way to a strategically placed ramp.

As you drive the boat through open waters, ride the waves for bonus points. You’ll also want to collect as many coins as you can. Coins are used to upgrade bonuses and buy new boats. Items in the game’s store cost a pretty penny, so you’ll need a lot of patience if you want the big ticket items.

To trigger power ups, steer the boat through a series of buoys. Once you’ve successfully navigated on the correct side of a certain number of buoys, a randomly generated power up will appear for you to use. Tap the icon on the left side of the screen to activate it. Power ups include things like coin magnets, laser beams, and helpful helicopters that will destroy obstacles in front of you.

This game is fun for a while, but it doesn’t ever seem to get any harder. Most endless survival games will increase in speed, or generate new and stronger enemies. The boat never seems to go any faster and the obstacles never get any harder.

Fans of endless survival games will enjoy this for its simplicity. However, this Danger Boat doesn’t stand out as being anything special in a sea of games just like it.

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Danger Boat
Danger Boat
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