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Uncover The Secrets In The Unique Narrative Of Simogo's Device 6

October 18, 2013

DEVICE 6 ($3.99) by Simogo (developer of Beat Sneak Bandit) is an intriguing text-based thriller puzzle that you solve by using words as your map. If you’re a fan of Simogo’s other interactive storytelling games like Year Walk, then you will enjoy Device 6.

For Simogo, words take precedence over pictures this time around. Device 6 is an interactive story with a narrative that is told through words, so it’s like you’re reading a book. Except the words wrap around the device screen, and as you start to swipe your way through the finely crafted environment, you’ll realize that this same narrative is your map. Of course, there are visual elements added to the wordy mix as well, such as three-dimensional photographs that hold important clues to solving the big mystery.

The story is the biggest point of the game, so I don’t want to spoil anything. However, the basic premise is about a girl named Anna, who wakes up and finds herself on a remote island with a very unpleasant looking doll. She needs to figure out where she is and why she is there, and this can only be accomplished with your help.

The mix of type, literature, windows of moving pictures, and fine iconography create a unique kind of visual appeal that only Simogo can deliver, based on their previous experience. Just like with Year Walk, players are kind of thrown into this interactive world without much direction, though Device 6 is a bit easier to follow than their previous title, but not by much.

As you read through the narrative, the words will stretch out and go in different directions on the screen, so be prepared to rotate your device frequently. While you read, you will hear the sounds that go along with the story, since the words serve as your map, as mentioned before. If the text goes right, Anna also moves right, and you’ll find yourself in a new corridor or room. Her footsteps move along right with you. If the text spells out knocking, you will hear Anna knocking. Some of the clues involve audio clip recordings that you need to pay attention to in order to know what to look for as clues, so it’s crucial that you play this game with the sound on.

It’s recommended that you play this game with paper and pen (or a text app) to jot down notes and clues, as there will be a lot of backtracking involved to solve the puzzles. It is also a good thing to have on hand to piece together the real message that the game wants to tell players, which you will unearth through multiple replays. The game itself is pretty short, but it is split up into six devices, six chapters, and six room escape mysteries. I’m still in what appears to be the beginning, but I’m looking forward to getting through it on my own.

This is definitely a game that you want to experience for yourself to get the most out of it. It’s a challenging puzzle game that takes on an entirely new approach in the form of text and pictures, and it’s very well done, as expected from Simogo.

If you’re a fan of Simogo, or just want a unique puzzle game hidden inside a deep narrative, then Device 6 is the one to get. You can find it in the App Store as a universal download for $3.99.

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