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Devour All Humans 2 Makes Eating Body Parts Fun Again

July 10, 2013

Devour All Humans 2 ($1.99) by Rittenhouse is a fast-paced arcade game that is filled with chopped up limbs and poisoned skulls. Chomp your way to a bloody frenzy in this funny casual game.

Players control a flesh-eating robot. The goal is to gobble all of the healthy limbs on the conveyor belt before they make it to the meat grinder. Watch out for poisoned meat or you’ll lose your frenzy points.

To control “Bot,” tilt your device. He will move left or right. To feed him, tap the screen. When you tap, Bot will bite down on whatever is in front of him. If you accidentally eat a poisoned limb, Bot will blow smoke and you will lose points.

There are some items, like birthday cakes, that take two bites to finish. This makes things harder to gobble up in time. If you miss one limb, you will lose health. After three misses, the game ends.

As you gobble the hands and feet of unknown victims, you will also be collecting Bot Bucks, which are represented by blue coins that appear and disappear in random places. In order to collect the most Bot Bucks, move from left to right on the screen.
Grabbing Bot Bucks complicates things further because it cuts into precious limb eating time. You have to work fast if you want to eat them all.

It reminds me of the episode of “I Love Lucy” when Lucy gets a job at the chocolate factory, only not as funny … and way more bloody.

Players upgrade Bot by decreasing the length of time it takes to eat, increasing the length of the frenzy, lowering the amount of flesh needed to activate the frenzy, and more. Each upgrade costs 500 Bot Bucks, which can be collected fairly easily during gameplay. You can also purchase “mods” for Bot, like the Bonehead mod or the Flamehead mod. These costume changes also cost 500 Bot Bucks each. They don’t do anything, but they look cool.

There is an in-app purchase store. However it is currently unavailable. Apparently there was a slight coding error that will be fixed with the next update. It really doesn’t matter anyway. You earn Bot Bucks pretty easily just by playing.

The game is fairly repetitive and can feel too easy at times. However, as you increase in levels, the game gets harder to play. The conveyer belt speeds up. More cakes appear. Limbs are closer together.

The developers of Devour All Humans 2 did not include the usual elements that come along with games like these. For example, all upgrades and mods costs the same amount of money. They don’t increase in price as your level increases. The costumes don’t offer any special bonus feature. There are only a handful of different edibles and they never change.

I like this game.  It is funny and can offer a fast-paced challenge at times. However, it is somewhat easy and starts to feel repetitive after about seven levels. I recommend it with the warning that you might get bored with it after about an hour. This is fairly typical of casual games.

We are giving away two copies of Devour All Humans 2 to our lucky readers. If you would like to enter the contest to win, leave a comment below before Friday, July 12 at 11:59 p.m. CDT.

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