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Division Cell
Division Cell

Division Cell Is A Unique Puzzle Game Full Of Challenge

December 3, 2013

Division Cell ($1.99) by Evgeni Gordejev is an intense and challenging puzzle game that is unlike any other. It is so unique that it is hard to master, since it is nearly impossible to formulate any sort of strategy.

Division Cell is about a place called Flatland. It is a place for misfits, who are irregular polygons that just want to become like the rest of the regular shapes. Through the taps of your fingers, it is your job to restore equality — to the size of their side lengths, that is.

The only control you have over these stubborn shapes is tapping on them. This causes any side length with a white dot to move away from the center of the shape, with sides containing black dots moving in the opposite direction. In other words, white-dotted shapes grow while black-dotted shapes shrink. However, since all parallel side lengths on other shapes have to move according to the same action, one wrong tap can present you with a huge sloppy mess.

A level is complete once all polygons have become regular, meaning that each side length is the same size. Rectangles must be squares, and other polygons should turn into triangles. Also, wedges in a circle must take up equal portions. A level has to be completed in the least amount of moves possible in order to earn all three stars.

Feeling confused yet? Even the creators of Division Cell have a difficult time describing the gameplay, so in order to wrap your head around it more easily, here is demo video:

Alternatively, click here if you cannot view it.

One thing you may have noticed through the clip besides the really cool concept is the awesome appearance of Flatland. The graphics in Division Cell are slick, and this shines through as everything pops, bounces, and snaps around, accompanied by some nice sound effects.

To keep you busy, there are 140 levels across four difficulties, including a “Time Attack” and endless mode. The availability of these three modes is great for deciding how stressful, challenging, or laid back the game feels.

It is the unique idea, polished feel, and lasting appeal that make Division Cell shine in its category. Anyone who is up for a good puzzler absolutely has to try this one out.

I mean it. Get your virtual presence over to the App Store and download Division Cell this very instant! You can find it here for $1.99 as a universal download.

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Division Cell
Division Cell
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