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Dog Monster
Dog Monster

Don't Get In The Way Of The Dog Monster When He Goes On A Rampage

February 20, 2013

Dog Monster (Free) by Brite Kids is an endless runner survival game that will have you squashing fruit and squishing veggies as you jump for your life across the city streets. When you’ve collected enough coins, transform into a melon-smashing monster dog that even Gallagher would be impressed with.

The goal of the game is to smash fruits and veggies to a pulpy mess by jumping on them. Tap the screen once to jump. Double tap to jump high. Tap and hold the screen to float slowly downward. Tap again while in the air to get an extra bounce.

When you aim the jump correctly, you’ll land on top of the fruits and vegetables that are falling off of the produce truck and smash them to mush. Earn extra points for jumping on the same type of produce multiple times.

Players must take care to avoid getting hit by wayward food. If you take a single hit from the falling fruits, you’ll be down for the count.

There are also coins to collect along the way. As you collect coins, you’ll increase the dog’s monster meter. When the monster meter is full, the cute little pup turns into a raging bulldog. When in monster mode, you can run, head first, into the produce without worrying about taking damage. The same bonuses apply for smashing like kinds and fruits and vegetables while in monster mode.

Coins are used in the game’s store to upgrade the power ups. For example, one upgrade will increase the length of time the coin magnet is active. Upgrades are very expensive in relation to how many coins players earn during gameplay. On a good run, you might earn as many as 300 coins, but a single upgrade costs a minimum of 1,000 coins, with increases to upgrades costing even more.

Fans of endless survival games will enjoy this simple, yet challenging, casual game. The upgrades cost a lot of money, making you feel like you should spend real cash through in-app purchases. However, if you are patient enough, you can get a lot out of this game without spending a dime. Since it is free to download, you’re not sacrificing anything to give it a try.

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