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Dream Flight
Dream Flight

Let Dream Flight Be Your Portal From The Physical World To The Dream World

January 18, 2014

Dream Flight ($0.99) by JQ Software is the dreamiest flying game you will ever play. It does resemble some endless flight games like the typical “copter” type (Classic Copter is a good example), but it is also much more unique and less arcade-like.

The controls and gameplay should seem familiar. You have drifted off into sleep, and are flying horizontally through some sort of dream space as all sorts of abstract objects fly by you. To move up and down while avoiding obstacles, which appear as black silhouettes, just tap and release your finger. Holding anywhere on the screen will make you rise, while releasing will trigger your slow descent.

If you hit an obstacle, you will wake up from your dream and have to restart the level. Your resulting score will be given in meters, although this is somewhat insignificant since the whole point of the game is to relax.

As you progress into deeper sleep, things will change. The soothing music will go from dreamy and relaxing to nervous and uncertain, and eventually to somewhat dark and scary. Also, your view will zoom in and out or shift up and down constantly, so be ready to quickly change your perspective. This reminds me of Icycle: On Thin Ice very much. All of these attributes of the game perfectly describe what having a real dream is like. Also, the game’s pixelated graphics further resemble what it’s like to dream, since our brains cannot properly process images as they appear in our waking life.

To make things even better, Dream Flight allows you to have an intimate and personal relationship with the game, as a simple, yet engaging story takes place. I don’t want to give it away, but each level begins with a short comment from you (being the dreamer) that briefly describes how you feel as you transition from waking consciousness to dreaming.

Rather than being completely endless, Dream Flight has five main levels, although it still feels like there is no definite end. While they are not particularly long, the game did take me about half an hour to play through, including the occasional awakening. Depending on your preference, 30 minutes may seem too short, or it may feel just right. Plus, you can go back and play any level at any time, which is something I know I’ll be doing.

Kick back, relax, and take off into the world of Dream Flight by downloading the universal game in the App Store for $0.99.

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