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Manage Your Business With The Simplicity Of Exigo

July 25, 2013

Exigo ($3.99) by Ricardo Del Toro is a slick app for managing your business, right on your iPad. Forget the days of paper — your tablet is all you need.

While I don’t own a business myself, I have an idea of how hectic it can be (I have retail experience). There’s a lot of numbers to keep track of, which you need to tie down with a description so you can know what the heck it was for. Otherwise, what good are these numbers? There’s a lot to keep track of, but thankfully, Exigo is a great solution for managing your business.

If you have always had a problem with needing to sign up for some service just to manage your business, then fret not — there’s nothing to sign up for with Exigo. All of your data is secured on your iPad, and not some unknown server somewhere in the country. There is full iCloud support for backup, though no sync, so at least your data is safe.

Exigo is split up into five different sections: Sales, Estimates, Tasks, Bills, and Invoices. However, only the first three of these are included in the initial download — Bills and Invoices need to be purchased through in-app purchases of $1.99 each. However, I still think that the basics are pretty much covered with the initial download.

The first step with Exigo is setting up your business information. This will include the business name, address, phone number, website, and contact email. If any of this changes later on, you can also edit it in Exigo as well — this part is not set in concrete.

For any of the different views in Exigo, you can add a new one by just tapping on the “New” button in the top right. This brings up the iOS popup menu with the five options of things you can track in Exigo. Tap on the one you want, and a new window will slide in from the bottom.

For Sale, the form consists of Name, Service, Price, Expenses, and Description. Estimates will have the Name, Phone Number, Price, Date, and a Notes section to keep a brief description of the job. Task will contain a place for Name, Date & Time, Location (you can use the iPad’s current location), and any additional Notes.

While I don’t have the Bills and Invoice IAPs, these will contain spaces for to and from, details, invoice information, and any other necessities. If your business has to deal with monthly bills like Internet, then this is a great way to keep track of it all.

Once you add something in, though, be careful — there is no way to edit these later on, so what you enter will be what you enter. Of course, you can always delete these entries and add them again if you made a mistake the first time, but I hope the developer adds a way to edit in an update. It seems too cumbersome at the moment if you make a typo here or there and then need to delete and re-enter just for that.

You can email any of your sales receipts or job estimates (and I assume bills and invoices), but you cannot email tasks. I don’t think I get the reasoning behind this, as sometimes you may end up with tasks that you will want to email to the rest of your team, if you have one. I think it would just be a nice option to have, so hopefully the developer can consider it.

Exigo’s settings can be accessed at any time by tapping on the button with the gears. This brings up a menu where you can edit your business information, add in sales tax (if you charge it for your services), and get support from Exigo.

In my test with Exigo, I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. There are some flaws, such as not being able to edit an entry and tasks not being email-able, but it’s still a good solution to managing all of your business needs with one app. When combined with the simple and clean interface, it’s just a great professional tool.

A bit more refinement could be added to Exigo, but it’s still a great option to consider for managing your business, and for a reasonable price, too. You can find Exigo in the App Store for the iPad-only for $3.99 with in-app purchases.

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