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Fairune Proves It's Dangerous To Go Alone

March 28, 2013

Fairune (Free) by URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd. pokes fun at traditional dungeon crawlers with its tongue-in-cheek humor.

You play as a warrior who needs to stop an ancient evil (they tend to show up every hundred years or so). To help you on your way is the Ancient Codex, a talking book that clears its throat often to make sure you’re paying attention.

Just like Dungelot, this game aims to turn the stereotypical RPG game on its head. For example, when first starting the game, your warrior is dressed as a girl. This gives you the chance to explore the world without getting hurt (because monsters don’t want to hit a girl).

The controls are perhaps the weirdest aspect about this game. A directional pad occupies the bottom of the screen, accompanied by two buttons to the side of it. As with traditional dungeon crawlers, such as Pocket RPG, you would expect one button to be for attacking and the other for running or opening inventory.

But not so with this game. In fact, the button adjacent to the directional pad is for saving the game. The other one opens your inventory. Nothing is more aggravating than being in the heat of battle and accidentally touching the save game button, which brings you to a different screen.

So how do you fell your foes? Once you get your sword all you have to do is run into the bad guys. If your experience is at a higher level than theirs, you’ll kill them without taking damage. In the event that they are a higher level you’ll take a point of damage but still kill them.

This is definitely a fun game that will appeal to fans of the Legend of Zelda games or just retro games in general. While the controls can take some getting used to, this is still worth checking out.

This game is available for the iPhone and iPad. Even better, it’s free!

Quest to the App Store to check it out.

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