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Feed Me Oil 2
Feed Me Oil 2

Slip And Slide Your Way Through The Challenging Puzzles In Feed Me Oil 2

January 2, 2014

Feed Me Oil 2 ($2.99) by Chillingo Ltd and Holy Water Games is the sequel to the original Feed Me Oil that came out in 2011. If you’re a fan of physics based puzzle games that involve getting copious amounts of liquid from one point to another, then you are going to love Feed Me Oil 2. This game is similar in mechanics to World of Goo and others.

I am a big fan of physics based puzzlers — they always keep me coming back for more. It’s probably a combination of beautiful visuals and challenging gameplay that get me hooked in the first place, until I get to a point where I just can’t quite figure it out and it can become quite a frustrating experience. Still, I get through a good chunk of the game before I get stuck, and I love the exercise in the mind that it gives. That being said, I did not actually play the first Feed Me Oil, but I am thoroughly enjoying this sequel.

The visuals in Feed Me Oil 2 are quite a huge improvement over the original, at least in my opinion. While the original featured more of a crude cartoonish look and feel to it, the sequel features a matured appearance, with lush backdrops and scenery, detailed stages, and just sharper visuals overall. If you look at the original and the sequel side-by-side, you can tell that it’s grown quite a bit, and I much prefer the graphics in the sequel. Plus, it has smooth animations of gushing oil, snow, wind, and other elements. The game soundtrack is also quite charming.

Currently, Feed Me Oil 2 has four available worlds, with 15 levels in each. In each level, the objective is the same: get the oil from the pipe into the indicated area on the stage, which is the “mouth” of whatever robotic creature that just so happens to need that oil. In order to pass the level, you will need to get enough oil in the goal to get the number down from 200. You can earn up to three stars (there isn’t any point system) on each level, which depends on getting the oil to the goal in the first place, and then how many tools you ended up using to get the oil there (the less tools, the better).

So how do you go about to complete each puzzle? It’s rather easy, and the controls are quite intuitive. For each stage, you are given a certain number of tools to use to get the oil from the pipe to the goal. You need to place these tools on the screen strategically, so that the realistic physics takes effect in moving the oil. Just tap-and-drag on the tool you want to use from the bottom left corner, and place it where you want it. You can then rotate it by dragging the handles in order to get the perfect position. The tools include steel bars, fans, windmills, redirectors, and more. The variety of tools should be a nice addition from the original if you played it.

Once you have all of your tools in place, just tap on the pipe to start the flow of oil. If your solution does not work, just tap on the pipe again to stop it, and work out the solution once more. The game does not penalize you for multiple attempts, so feel free to replay each stage until you get the maximum number of stars. As I mentioned, the two other stars are earned by being efficient with the tools — if you have at least two leftover tools, then you’ll get the other two stars. Getting perfect stars on all levels will prove to be quite a challenging workout for your brain, which I love.

If you really get stuck on a level, the game can provide you with hints or even complete solutions. These can be utilized from the top left corner, with the hand representing hints, and the stars for the solution. You only get a three hints and one solution, so use them wisely. If you run out and need more, then you can get them through in-app purchases. While I’m not a fan of this, especially for paid games, at least it’s not something that is necessary to beat the game — just use your brain for the rest and save some bucks.

Since Feed Me Oil 2 does not have a scoring system besides stars, there are no Game Center leaderboards. However, there are 22 achievements to obtain, so that should keep the replay value fairly high.

I’ve been playing Feed Me Oil 2 quite a bit since it showed up in the App Store last night, and I’m quite pleased with it, especially since I did not play the original. The graphics are quite a visual delight, the sounds are quirky and cute, and the gameplay itself is stimulating. If you are a fan of physics-based puzzle games, then Feed Me Oil 2 is a must-have and a fantastic way to start off the year.

You can grab Feed Me Oil 2 in the App Store as a universal download for $2.99.

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