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Ginger Page – Writing Compass, Translator & Dictionary
Ginger Page – Writing Compass, Translator & Dictionary

Improve What You Write On Your iPhone Using Ginger Page's Suggestions

May 27, 2014

Ginger Page (Free) by Ginger Software is a simple text editing app that will help you become more creative and grammatically correct when writing. As a writer, I often feel like I use the same words and phrases in my writing over and over again. This is surely something everyone has experienced, regardless of how much writing they do. For this reason, I'm always looking for different ways of saying the same thing, and with an app like Ginger Page, this becomes much easier.

Although Ginger Page isn't exactly a full-fledged text editor, it's still well-equipped for composing shorter things like tweets, messages, or emails. The app does two things very well: correcting grammar and syntax errors, and including a built-in thesaurus to suggest rewordings of sentences.

As you begin to type words into Ginger Page's editor, not only will iOS' autocorrect step in as usual, but Ginger Page's own suggestive toolbar will automatically suggest ways to fix grammatical or syntax errors. For example, if you were to write “there is two bags of chips in the cupboard,” the bar above the keyboard would suggest changing “is” to “are.” The suggested corrections displayed here are usually on-point, although I've noticed that it won't pick up some mistakes like writing “there's” when you should really write “there are,” or it'll make odd suggestions like suggesting “fine” in place of “funner.”

Also, if you're looking for ways to switch up your word choice and order, tapping the feather icon at the top left side of the editor will show a list of suggested alternative sentences. These usually do make sense while effectively using synonyms and changing word order, however, when the computer involved here provides a suggestion that is completely incorrect, it's obvious. This feature is useful for the most part, but that's just something to keep in mind.

Besides the features integrated with the editor, tapping the “hamburger” button at the top left will open a menu that also includes shortcuts to a dedicated dictionary, thesaurus, and language translator within the app.

For what it is, Ginger Page is generally quite useful. It has the potential to make those important tweets or emails to your boss sound a bit more polished by improving word choice and correcting obvious mistakes. If you can get over the strange references to red-haired people in the app's name and tutorial, Ginger Page should prove to be quite useful over all. You can find the free Ginger Page for iPhone on the App Store now.

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Ginger Page – Writing Compass, Translator & Dictionary
Ginger Page – Writing Compass, Translator & Dictionary
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