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Gloomy Hollow
Gloomy Hollow

Gloomy Hollow Is A Veritable Ghost Town, Complete With Undead Gunslingers

June 21, 2013

Gloomy Hollow ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd is a point-and-click adventure that mixes a bit of the Old West with a bit of the underworld. Grab your six-shooter and some undead armor because you’re in for a wild ride.

Players are tasked with cleaning up those pesky undead creatures from the areas around Gloomy Hollow and making it a better town to live in, er … be dead in.Travel to the Murky Marshlands and Red Rock Canyons to find stolen soul crystals and bring balance back to the sleepy town.

The first quest is to find Smithy and Rosie. Once you’ve tracked down your two cohorts, you’ll be able to play as all three characters. Moustache Jim fights with a gun. Smithy pounds enemies with his giant mallet. Rosie slices creatures big and small with her expert knife skills.

Each level includes two tasks that must be completed if you want to earn all three keys. You must kill all of the creatures in the area and find five soul crystals. In addition to the tasks on each level, you will be given quests that increase your experience points and offer big rewards. To find a quest, speak with someone in town that has a yellow question mark above their head. You can also pick up additional tasks from the town’s bulletin board.

On each level, you will earn keys that are used to unlock gates that contain chests of loot. If you run out of keys, you can replay earlier levels to earn more, or unlock the gates using gems. Gems are found on some creatures after you’ve killed them or in some chests. You can also buy them with in-app purchases.

When you grab a quest or task, head over to the transportation orb to go to the next level. On each level, find your items, collect coins, and kill everything in sight. Use any of the three different characters to fight your way across the lands. You can pick up loot that may not be useful to the character you are using, but one of the others would find it very helpful. Each character can upgrade their weapons and armor, and you can unlock talent trees to make them even more powerful.

This game is well designed and looks great. There are plenty of tasks and quests to keep you interested and most levels are worth playing a second time because there are new tasks to play on them. There are even some extra special hidden chests that can only be unlocked using a specific character. The price is reasonable and you won’t feel obligated to spend money on in-app purchases, so you get what you pay for with this point-and-click adventure. Download it in the App Store today.

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