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Take Out The Enemy, Rambo Style, With HeadshotsAlley

January 25, 2013

HeadshotsAlley ($0.99) by Gamewell is a simple arcade game that will give you a sense of nostalgia for the olden days when it was ok to show someone getting an arm blown off. Take a trip down a bloody memory lane as you pick off the enemies with headshot after headshot.

Players control a vigilante justice seeker who finds himself in a back alley somewhere with a whole lot of bad guys trying to gun him down. Your job is to blow them all away, Rambo style.

To aim, tap on the vigilante and drag your finger to the enemy. Be sure to aim for his head. Headshots are worth 500 points while normal shots are only worth 100. Watch out for incoming bullets. If a baddie gets one round off, it will hit you. Players only have four health points and there is no replenishing health in this game.

As you travel down the alley, the scenario becomes more complex. First, the lights go out and you only have a flashlight to see the enemies. Then, multiple bad guys attack at once, making it more difficult for you to kill them all before they get off a shot. Then, they arrive on the backs of trucks and you have to pick them off like a shooting gallery. Eventually, the criminals are coming at you so fast that you just can’t keep up. To make matters worse, innocent victims start running toward you, making it difficult to hit the criminals without killing bystanders.

This is a fairly entertaining game but it is very simple. There is one angle, one control, and only one thing to do. If you are a fan of old school classic arcade game play, then you’ll appreciate this game. The depiction of violence is cartoony, but graphic. Heads do get shot off and blood does spurt out. Just thought I’d warn the easily offended.

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