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Protect Your World War II Bunker In Hills Of Glory 3D

October 4, 2013

Hills of Glory 3D (Free) by Chillingo Ltd is a real-time war strategy game with 3-D graphics and realistic physics. It takes place in Germany, where you'll be brought back to the days of World War II.

The object of the game is to put your RTS skills to the test in order to protect a war bunker. As enemies approach, you must use your bunker's armor to wipe them out. This can be done through various techniques, like tapping on targets to shoot rifles at them. You can also use air strikers to take care of larger threats like tanks, or call upon your air force to wipe out groups of intruders at a time.

Since the field of view within the game is relatively small, it can be difficult to keep up with enemies at all times. To make things easier, indicator arrows will appear along the edges of the screen pointing to approaching threats. In order to beat a level, you must ensure that no enemies reach your bunker. Think of it like a tower defense game where you do all of the defense in real time.

If intruders manage to slip out of your view and reach your base, they will attack at full force, which will deplete your health. Obviously, if your health is depleted all the way, the game will end.

After a while, your resources like health, wealth, and ammunition will become depleted. In order to replenish these items, you can call for help once in a while. This will cause crates to be dropped on the battlefield, where you will have to shoot them open to redeem what is found inside.

Given that Hills of Glory 3D is free, there are in-app purchases throughout the app. They will allow you to buy more coins, which can be spent on additional resources, as well as reducing the amount of time it takes for them to be replenished.

One thing that I'm not particularly fond of in this title is the constant waiting for resources to become available. Having to pay to reduce wait times in freemium games is a huge pet peeve of mine, and I can't help to like any game a little less that works this way. In addition to this, receiving a notification outside of the game every time something has become available is a huge annoyance. Thankfully, these messages can be disabled in the Settings app, so they are easy to opt out of.

A tower defense, RTS, and war game have all been packed together into one title with Hills of Glory 3D. The graphics and 3D environment are beautiful, reminding me of those found in the original Infinity Blade. For those interested in Hills of Glory 3D, it is available as a free universal download in the App Store.

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