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Infinite Speed
Infinite Speed

Can you tell up from down in twitch reflex game Infinite Speed?

July 14, 2014

Infinite Speed (Free) by William HAREL is a neon-colored twitch reflex game that can be quite dizzying. This universal title packs a lot of punch in terms of its audiovisual experience, but what good are shiny graphics and exploding noises if the game isn’t worth your time? Will Infinite Speed make you want to actually play to infinity?

The first thing I thought of when firing up Infinite Speed for the first time was how similar the game feels to Pivvot. That’s not to say that it’s a mere ripoff, but it definitely falls under the same category. Like in Pivvot, the game takes place along an infinite track, where bright shapes must be avoided. However, the similarities end shortly after this.

In Infinite Speed, you control a small white square that is travelling near a dotted line. Tilt your device in any direction to move that way, avoiding all of the shapes in your path. Each shape that you pass will give you one point, with the game ending as soon as you hit one.

This doesn’t sound too fancy until you begin to notice that your entire path rotates around the screen 360 degrees while you’re moving. That means that, as you’re tilting and avoiding shapes, which are also spinning and flying around, your whole world is also turning right under you. When playing on the iPad, this made me dizzy within about thirty seconds, so I had to switch to my iPhone. Too bad there’s no Reduce Motion setting for this title.

Despite being pretty trippy, Infinite Speed is an insanely captivating game. The whole concept of having to worry about so many different directions at once is very mind-bending, and the game doesn’t even move quickly at all. The speed here is quite the opposite of Pivvot’s Berserk mode.

If you enjoyed Pivvot or any other crazy twitch reflex games we’ve featured here on AppAdvice, Infinite Speed is well worth a download – especially since it’s free, and has no ads or in-app purchases. Can it get any better than that?

Infinite Speed is available as a universal app on the App Store for free.

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