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Help Joe Danger And Friends Get To Infinity And Beyond In Joe Danger Infinity

January 9, 2014

Joe Danger Infinity ($2.99) by Hello Games is the sequel to the original hit, Joe Danger Touch, which came out exactly a year ago. If you liked the original, much more fun awaits you in the tiny, toy-filled world of Joe Danger Infinity.

I am not normally into racing games, but Joe Danger is a big exception. It’s not just a racer, but a mix of platformer as well, and who doesn’t enjoy a good side-scroller? It’s the perfect mix of these three genres, and throw in the incredible graphics and fun sounds, and you definitely have a winner. So when Joe Danger Infinity launched in the App Store last night, I was ecstatic to download it and give it a test drive myself.

In the original Joe Danger Touch, you got beautifully crafted environments that were fairly realistic, in a sense, to what you would probably see in stunt racing tracks. However, with Infinity, our favorite stunt racer has been miniaturized and placed in a toy world that will probably make you think of Toy Story. The visuals, like the original, are absolutely beautiful and full of detail. And since the game runs at 60fps, you are guaranteed a smooth-as-butter experience. The soundtrack is also quite charming, with quirky sound effects from the environment and individual characters.

The biggest difference with Infinity and the original Touch is the fact that, as the name suggests, this game is pretty much endless. However, it’s not endless like an endless runner game, but rather, there are hundreds of levels to go through, which is much more compared to the 60 levels in the original. So if you just can’t get enough of Joe Danger for whatever reason, then the endless amount of levels in Joe Danger Infinity should be good enough to sate your platformer stunt racing needs.

Despite having hundreds of levels, you will need to go through them in order. The game features a mix of standard, race, and bonus levels for you to go through, and your progress is measured by the distance on a tape measure. You will unlock more areas once you acquire enough tokens, which are earned by completing the objectives on each stage.

Even though there are three different level types, the end goal remains the same: get to the finish line while acquiring all the coins, stars, bubbles, perfects, and finishing first in race battles. You won’t be able to see the objectives at the beginning of levels, but you will basically want to get everything you can if you want the Pro Badge on the first try (you can always just try again if you don’t). In addition to these standard level types, there are now boss battles as well, meaning you’ll have to be even more coordinated to flawlessly earn that shiny Pro Badge.

The controls in the game are incredibly simple and intuitive, meaning everyone can pick this game up and play without any trouble. At the beginning of each race, you will need to tap on the “start” button to release Joe Danger from the gate. As he speeds down the track, you can do several things. A tap will allow him to jump, while a tap-and-hold makes him duck. You will encounter stripes on the track that can change direction with an effortless swipe up or down on the screen so you don’t hit obstacles that may be in front of the original path. Traps may pop up in front of you, which can be deactivated by tapping on them when they appear, and various objects like stars, bubbles with coins, and letters can be acquired by tapping them when they show up on the screen.

As you complete each level, you will be awarded with coins depending on how well you did. If you can meet all of the objectives, you’ll earn the Pro Badge, as mentioned earlier. Even if you don’t, you will still get coins as a reward for completing with one or two of the objectives met. You can also find “gum ball Tokens” randomly throughout levels, which can be used in the gum ball machine to earn prizes.

The most fun thing about Joe Danger Infinity are not the levels themselves, but rather, the unlockables that you can get. Using the coins you acquire, you can buy new vehicles once they are available, such as a tank, candy car, mini plane, a firework, and more. Each vehicle also has their own unique abilities to help you in stages, such as not being affected by barricades, spillages, being faster than normal, and more.

In addition to vehicles, you have different characters to unlock by either purchasing them with coins (though they are all rather expensive) or getting them as prizes from the gum ball machine. There are over 25 characters to discover, and they are all split up into their own “teams.” If you have all of the members of a team in your collection, you unlock a special “golden character” for that team. Each of these characters is playable and will have their own score bonuses that get added to your final score at the end of a level.

If you’re competitive, you can use Game Center for a total of 69 leaderboards. However, for some reason, there aren’t any achievements, which is a bit of a bummer to me (I enjoy hoarding achievement points).

I thoroughly enjoyed the original Joe Danger Touch, and Joe Danger Infinity is just like that, except on steroids. It’s way more fun, challenging, and quite addictive. Plus, the environments are so colorful and detailed that it really is quite an experience you need to check out for yourself.

If you could only pick one game to get this week, I would highly recommend Joe Danger Infinity. You can get it in the App Store as a universal download for $2.99.

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