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Luminetic Land
Luminetic Land

Light Up The Stars In Luminetic Land

February 24, 2014

Luminetic Land (Free) by Luca Angeletti is a puzzle game that will put your quick reflexes and thinking to the test. If you enjoy deceptively simple, but tough, puzzle games, then this is one to check out.

The visuals in Luminetic Land are a bit simple, but still quite colorful and imaginative. I’m not particularly a fan of how the platforms and other elements of the stage look pretty flat without much depth, especially when the blurred out backgrounds are quite pretty to look at. But of course, this is nitpicking, and gameplay is much more important. However, I do like the colors in the game, and how the stages are set up, as they really make you think.

The music is also one of my favorite things about the game, as it is quite soothing, relaxing, and helps you think about a solution to solve the puzzles as quickly as you can. Unfortunately, I don’t like the fact that it will forcibly stop your currently playing audio, and I hope the developer can change this in the future.

The game is an initial free download, and will come with 25 puzzles for you enjoyment. These levels are to help you get a taste of the game, and if you complete them and still want more, there are 75 more levels that can be purchased with the Premium Pack 1 IAP of $1.99. I think 25 levels for free is pretty good, and better than some other games out there, which may only give you a few minutes of gameplay before asking you to cough up the dough.

The concept of Luminetic Land’s gameplay is quite simple. Each level will feature several stars of different colors, and they need to bask in the appropriately colored light. The light comes from the small and round Luminetics, which are what you will control in order to give the stars the light they need. You can earn up to three stars (well, more appropriately dots in this case) on each level, depending on how fast you can complete it.

The controls are rather simple. The Luminetics cannot move on their own, so they will need the assistance of the various magnets that are placed in strategic locations on each stage. To use the magnets, all you need to do is tap-and-hold on them to pull the Luminetics towards them. As you get farther in the levels, you will have to deal with multiple magnets at once, and even combine two different colored Luminetics to create a new color of light for specific stars. There will also be more obstacles to get around, and the additional levels will have other stuff like ice blocks, new magnets, and even bombs. Regardless of the level you’re on, though, you have to be quick to beat the clock for the most stars.

While the game does have an in-app purchase for more levels and ad removal, the game itself does not have any power-ups or boosts to make it easier. I like this, as it all comes down to your skill and how quick you can be.

Luminetic Land is quite a delightful little puzzle game to wind down the day with, and I recommend giving it a try if you’re in search of a puzzle game this week. You can get it in the App Store for free (supported by ads) as a universal download with an in-app purchase for more levels.

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Luminetic Land
Luminetic Land
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