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MacGuffin Quest
MacGuffin Quest

Collect The Prize And Escape In A Hurry In MacGuffin Quest

November 14, 2013

MacGuffin Quest (Free) by Execution Labs is a dungeon-crawling adventure game that sends you on a quest into the darkness. At the same time, MacGuffin Quest is like a light RPG. Since there are a few characters involved, each with their own special abilities.

Of course, each level takes place in the depths of dungeons. Hence the game's title, the ultimate goal is to locate the MacGuffins that are placed throughout each level, and then being able to escape immediately afterward. You must find the exit within 60 seconds of picking up all of the MacGuffins, since doing so will cause the walls of the dungeon to begin collapsing.

While navigating your way through the many dark passages, you will come across loot, obstacles, and enemies. The only control in the game involves tapping where you want your character to move toward or attack on. This includes attacking goblins and dodging saw blades, fire, or other hazards.

The largest obstacles here are your enemies. To attack them, there are three characters you can choose from, with each having their own abilities. Knight is a tough, strong character, who is able to beat on enemies until they die. Archer and Wizard both take a slightly different approach, with each of them being able to shoot spears or fire, respectively. This is useful for different types of enemies, as some can be attacked from a distance to prevent being seen, while others would rather have one-on-one combat.

Each character has their own level of health, which means that others can be available if one is killed. With this, reviving them tends to get pricy, as it costs five to 10 gems (the game's premium currency) to do so. If you wish to refrain from buying gems via in-app purchase, the only way to revive your characters is to begin from the first level all over again.

Along with gems, coins are also available for in-app purchase, which can be used toward purchasing character upgrades. However, coins can also be found by busting open crates that are found within each dungeon.

For anyone who enjoys a good dungeon-crawling adventure, I would recommend checking out MacGuffin Quest. It is universal, with the lush cartoon graphics looking great on any screen. MacGuffin Quest is available in the App Store for free.

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MacGuffin Quest
MacGuffin Quest
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