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Majesty: The Northern Expansion
Majesty: The Northern Expansion

Majesty Expands To The North, The Journey Begins Again

December 14, 2012

Majesty: The Northern Expansion ($0.99) by HeroCraft Ltd. is a strategy adventure game with a bit of fantasy simulation thrown in. Master your skills at controlling townsfolk while freeing your village of nasty dragons.

Did you stay up until 3 o’clock in the morning watching The Hobbit? I did too. It was totally worth only getting four hours of sleep. Now, I’m all antsy in my pantsy for some fantasy adventure fun, especially the kind with giant rats and fire breathing dragons. Majesty: Northern Expansion satisfies the craving to pack up your Elven sword and head for the mountains on a quest to find gold, kill dragons and free the land of nasty goblins.

Players are in control of an ever-growing empire of warriors, wizards, and everyday townsfolk. Build Warrior’s Guilds and hire men to protect the castle. Build Wizard’s Guilds and libraries to improve their spells.

While the warriors and wizards are protecting the village and scouting the nearby landscape, build marketplaces and blacksmith buildings to increase the town’s income, as well as creating items for fighters that will keep them alive longer.

If you find any buildings, houses, lairs or caves that have bad guys hiding out in them, be sure to hire fighters to track them down and kill them. To send men on missions, tap the cave or lair that you want destroyed and put in how much you are willing to pay for the service. The more expensive the mission, the more likely it will be that your fighters will head out in search of them.

There are multiple levels, each with a goal. For example, the goal of the third level is to find and remove the cause of the lost caravans. Until you complete that task, you will stay in that area and continue building and fighting.

When you complete a task, you’ll be able to move on to a new level. But all of your hard earned gold, many buildings, and hordes of fighters will all be gone. Each new level is like a fast-paced simulation village.

This game is so entertaining that I found myself distracted the whole time I was writing this review. I kept going back to my village, exploring new lands, increasing my warrior capacity, upgrading my buildings and so on. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys simulation games, adventure, and fantasy fiction.

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