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Nomsters Love Fruit And You Can Help Them Eat It All

December 7, 2012

Nomsters (Free) by Large Animal Games is an interesting arcade game that mixes pinball, Snooker, and fruit-loving monsters for a bouncy good time. AppAdvice has teamed up with Large Animal Games to give away three copies of this animated app. Enter now for a chance to win.

Players fling ball-shaped monsters, called Nomsters, across the screen to collect apples and bananas. Bumpers pepper the playfield, making it difficult for the little guys to maneuver through tight spots to collect what they need.

There are different kinds of Nomsters, each with a special ability. There is a super bouncy Nomster. There is a Nomster that sucks up fruit from far away. There is even a Nomster that grows to three times its size and clears the board of annoying obstacles.

As you complete new levels, you unlock the various Nomsters. You also unlock special power ups that will help you complete some of the more difficult levels. For example, one power up gives your Nomsters super bounce so they will cover more ground. Another will add an extra turn so that you have one more chance to pick up the elusive fruit.

Power ups don’t come free. Players earn avocados for performing well on a level. The more avocados you have, the more you can spend each time you play. The power ups don’t last through an entire level. If you buy one and fail to gather all of the fruit, you have to buy more to use them again on the same level.

It is fairly easy to earn avocados, but it is also easy to spend them too fast. If you run out, you can always buy more through an in-app purchase.

There are a few things about this game that make it annoying. There are these bizarre images of some guy shoving hot dogs in his face. The game is full of FaceBook banners and pop ups. Even though there are no ads, the ugly in-game Facebook pop ups make it seem like advertisements are being pushed on you. There is even a screen that asks you to watch a message from Facebook while you are waiting for the next level to load. It’s kind of tacky.

Its too bad that there are ugly banners and pop ups because the game is actually fun. I’d pay $0.99 not to see that guy stuffing hotdogs in his face. Unfortunatly, that is not an option.

As it is, this universal app is definitely fun to play and pretty adorable, too. I do wish it wasn’t so heavy with Facebook related ads. I still recommend it, but be prepared for some serious “Like us!” pop ups.

We’re giving away three copies to our lucky readers. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below before Sunday, Dec. 9 at 11:59 p.m.