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Paper vs Paper
Paper vs Paper

Paper Vs Paper, What, No Rocks Or Scissors?

March 29, 2013

Paper vs Paper ($0.99) by Self Made Miracle is a two-player base defense game where military forces fight against each other to control the board. This is no paper airplane toss. The soldiers are fierce and the winner takes all.

Players choose between the Cardboard Confederation and Origami Alliance in a head-to-head real time fight. As you send out your troops, they meet on the battlefield where only the toughest survive.

Each player has control of one side of the board. The soldiers consist of offense, defense, and support. Each soldier costs a certain amount of coins, which are generated automatically during battle. The offensive fighters cost one coin, the defensive tanks cost two coins, and the supportive healers cost three coins.

To deploy a soldier, touch and hold the deployment button. A green meter will appear around the button. The meter is divided into three bars. Once the first bar is full, you can launch an offensive soldier. If you want to send out a tank, keep holding the deployment button until it fills the second bar. Do the same if you want to put a healer on the board.

As your soldiers begin their march, you can direct their movements by tapping anywhere on your side of the screen. This will rotate all of the direction flippers on the board for your team. This tactic is useful for either avoiding conflict, or meeting it head on.

As you earn more coins, send more soldiers out to battle. The player that successfully gets his soldiers into his opponent’s base will win the game. You can set the number of base invasions it takes to win in the settings section. You can also switch to a timed game, which means an unlimited number of enemies can invade your base, but the player with the most invasions after the allotted time wins.

My only complaint is that it is not available for the iPhone. While I can see the difficulty in making a game this big fit on the 4-inch screen, I think it would be great to have this handy whenever I am waiting in line with my friends so I could play with my iPhone without seeming rude.

For being a two-player strategy game, this is fairly simple. It is perfect for a pick-up casual game while the kids are waiting for dinner, or while you and your friend are line-sitting for the next Hobbit movie. The price is remarkably low and worth every penny if you often find yourself wishing you had a game you could play with a friend on the fly.

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