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Map Your Mind's Ideas Using PerfectMind

April 2, 2014

PerfectMind ($4.99) by Li Liangi is a productivity tool used to make mind maps, which have the potential to be very useful study and organizational diagrams. After seeing similar apps like MindNode that are around for the same reason, is PerfectMind worth taking a look at? I think so.

It seems like the development of PerfectMind was carried out with the goal of creating a basic mind-mapping app, rather than creating a productivity powerhouse. This has its pros and cons, but for whipping up a quick web to spill out thoughts or brainstorm, PerfectMind does a great job.

For each project that you work on, only one main node can be branched off from. This can be a downer if you’re trying to work on multiple ideas at once, but it also keeps things simple. From here, you can make nodes that branch off, along with additional bubbles that branch off of each subsequent one. Arrows can also be drawn to connect bubbles in order to link ideas.

Besides tweaking a few other elements like the color of each node and the symbols that can be on them, PerfectMind doesn’t do much else. It does manage webs better than any other app I’ve seen so far, since it allows for bidirectional linking and more intuitive controlling of node placement. Mind maps can be exported to the Camera Roll or synced over iCloud between devices, and they can also be saved as projects within the app itself.

You may be wondering how PerfectMind serves a purpose when competitive apps like MindNode are more robust and powerful. However, it’s PerfectMind’s lack of some extra features like the ability to have more than one main node, automatic layout abilities, multiple themes, management of outlines, and extra sharing options that actually might make it the better choice. Some of us just want to quickly generate a mind map without all of the bells and whistles, and as long as extra fancy features aren’t important to you, you’ll want to make PerfectMind your mind mapping app of choice.

PerfectMind is a universal download, available on the App Store for $4.99.

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