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Prettify - The Beautiful and Powerful Photo Editor
Prettify - The Beautiful and Powerful Photo Editor

Prettify Is A Fast And Simple iPhone Photo Editing App That Doesn't Skimp On Features

January 15, 2014

Prettify - The Beautiful and Powerful Photo Editor (Free) by Little Red Door LTD is a fun, fast, and simple way to edit your photos into perfection. If you’re still in search of the one photo editor to rule them all, then Prettify is a worthy contender in the space.

If there’s one thing I have loved ever since getting an iPhone, it’s the fact that it’s the easiest way for me to take photos of what’s going on around me. And when you take a lot of photos, you just can’t help but have the need to edit them to become perfect, or at least close to it. I’ve gone through my fair share of camera and photo apps over the years, but Prettify is a great addition to my toolkit.

The first thing I noticed with Prettify was the interface. Unlike other photo editing apps, Prettify focuses on great photography. You’ll notice gorgeous, blurred photographs that serve as the app’s background on the main screen and sharing screen. If you don’t take action on these screens for a while, Prettify actually cycles through a small collection of images, almost like a screensaver. It’s quite hypnotic to watch if you just want to relax. The editing part of the app is very simple and intuitive, and even the most novice of photographers will be able to quickly pick up this app and use it to its max potential.

Prettify allows you to import images three ways: selecting an image from your library, a new capture, or using the latest image in your Camera Roll. The fourth button on the main screen is for the app’s settings, where you can choose to automatically save edited images and get some bonuses through in-app purchase. While the app is initially free, there will be an ad every now and then (but it’s not intrusive while editing), and you can also get the bonus pack, which includes a meme generator, text, drawing, stickers, and frames. The ad removal is $0.99, and the bonus pack is $1.99, or you can get both at once for $2.99. I know — it’s actually $0.01 more, but that isn’t really a big deal to me (what can you get for a cent nowadays anyway).

Once you have your image, you’ll be in the editing screen. Prettify is powered by Aviary, so if you’ve used Aviary, or any other photo editor apps that use it as well, you should be familiar with how it works.

Along the bottom, you will find a ribbon with various things you can tweak on your photo. If you’re looking for quick fixes, the “Enhance” option is quite a great tool. Here, you will find options for Hi-Def, Illuminate, and Color Fix, which will automatically fix your photo like magic. You can also tweak other things, such as orientation, cropping, adjustments (brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation), redeye, whiten, focus, and blemishes. If you have an out-of-focus image, the Sharpen tool can do quite a nice job of correcting that. All changes are easy to change the strength, thanks to a slider.

Of course, what’s a photo editing app without filters? Even though many actual photographers may not like applying filters to images, plenty of average people like them. So, with that said, Prettify includes 12 filters in the “Effects” section that will add an artistic touch to your photo. The only drawback about this is the fact that you can’t adjust the intensity of the filter with a slider. I’m not sure if this is a limitation with the photo editing engine from Aviary, but it would be nice if this could be changed in the future.

If you end up purchasing the bonus pack, you will have access to various frames, sticker packs, text, drawing, and the ability to turn your image into a “meme.”

Once you’re done editing your image, you can share it with friends through Twitter, Facebook, email, or go straight to starting on a new image. I am a bit confused here, though, as I wish that there was an option for just saving the image directly to your Camera Roll, but this needs to be turned on through the settings, which is only accessible on the main screen. I’d like to see an actual button for saving the edited image directly without the need to save every single image you edit in the app, or at least a way to get to settings from the share screen.

Still, Prettify is a slick little app for quickly and easily editing photos. There are a lot of powerful options in here, as well as little things that make the overall experience a fun one. I’ve been enjoying the app so far, so I felt it was appropriate to purchase the “Mega Pack” for everything. I just wish that the meme tool allowed you to choose different fonts and text placement, in case I want to use the doge meme for something. Perhaps in a future update someday.

If you’re looking for a fun photo editor to add to your iPhone photography toolbox, then I recommend picking up Prettify to give a spin for yourself. It’s available for free on the iPhone in the App Store.

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Prettify - The Beautiful and Powerful Photo Editor
Prettify - The Beautiful and Powerful Photo Editor
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