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Puzzlium: Prologue Is Like Heaven For Puzzle Lovers

January 4, 2014

Puzzlium: Prologue ($0.99) by Grabarchuk Puzzles is an app that combines five puzzle games into one package. The five apps — New LetsTans Deluxe, New iCut Deluxe, New Puzzle Quizzes Deluxe, Fish Crackers Deluxe, and New Sliding Tiles Deluxe — are all available on their own as free universal downloads, so what makes Puzzlium: Prologue worth looking at, let alone paying for?

In the LetsTans game, there are 1,820 puzzles involving Tangrams. From the classic type where you must fit them into a square, to more complex shapes that you must mold them into, this one is sure to give your brain a workout.

Next, in iCut, you must divide one large shape into two equal parts. This is done by coloring one of the sections yellow, and the other red, with both sections looking the same at the end. Here, there are 1,008 puzzles.

Along with this, there are some tricky riddles and even some mathematical exercises to be done in the Puzzle Quizzes area. These can range from “which shape has a larger area?” to “which key fits into the lock's keyhole?” or “what are the missing digits that complete the pattern?” with none fitting any particular category. There are 500 puzzle quizzes.

In the Fish Crackers section, you must fit the given puzzle pieces, or “fish crackers” within the given shape. These puzzle pieces are often diamond-shaped, with circles or indentations on each vertex that fit into each other. There are 450 Fish Crackers puzzles to complete.

Finally, in the Sliding Tiles mode, you must slide tiles around a grid to fit whichever description is given, be it a word, design, picture, or something else. This section contains 300 puzzles.

As you can see, Puzzlium: Prologue contains quite the assortment of puzzle games. I find all of the different types of puzzles to be enjoyable on their own, and if you get bored with one type, you can switch between them. My only concern with the app is that it costs $0.99, while all five of the apps is includes are available for free on their own. Furthermore, after downloading each individual app and testing it out, I found that they are all exactly the same as what you get in Puzzlium: Prologue.

Despite this odd business model, $0.99 is not much at all to ask for all of these puzzles, and I would definitely recommend paying it since it would support the developer and reduce clutter on your phone. If anything, $0.99 is still a steal for a combined total of over 4,000 puzzles.

Whether you check each one out individually, or go for the $0.99 purchase, I recommend looking at these apps. Find Puzzlium: Prologue in the App Store for the universal price of $0.99, or take a look at each individual app that is included: New LetsTans Deluxe, New iCut Deluxe, New Puzzle Quizzes Deluxe, Fish Crackers Deluxe, and New Sliding Tiles Deluxe — all of which are free and universal.

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