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Vanquish Evil In QuestLord

February 12, 2013

QuestLord ($1.99) by Lava Level puts you on an adventure to rid the land of darkness. Assume the role of a warrior, dwarf, or elf and accept the quest to put things right.

In addition to offering different stats, picking the different characters will also change the levels your adventure takes place in. The warrior starts off in a keep, the dwarf in a mountain hall, and the elf in an enchanted glade.

Similar to Dungelot, this game’s graphics are a throwback to RPG games of the early 90s.

The controls offer directional arrows for turning left, right, forward, and backward, as well as an inventory button and a map button (oh thank god!). Attacking is performed by swiping across the screen when it is your turn (attacks are turn-based).

If you have a shield equipped, you can press a button at the top of the control panel to raise it (note that you can also use the shield to charge forward and deal damage).

If you’re anything like me, you might get turned around while exploring. I always try to hug the left wall, but inevitably I’ll get off track. Playing as the elf, who starts in a forest, seemed especially bothersome for me. However, activating the map will show you the part of the level that you’ve already visited.

Equipping your character is as easy as walking up to an item and clicking and dragging it within your inventory screen for what you want to do with it (ie. eating food, wielding weapons, or putting things in your pack for later use).

For those who want to dive straight into adventure, the quick game mode is available. This cuts out the exposition and just throws you into a dungeon to start hacking and slashing at things.

The quick game is a welcomed relief because the regular game’s setup can feel cumbersome (find a locked door, figure out who you need to unlock it, go back to the door once it’s open, etc.).

Overall, this game will appeal to those who can’t turn down a quest.

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