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Shoots & Leaves - The Camera That Turns Photos Into Links
Shoots & Leaves - The Camera That Turns Photos Into Links

Shoots & Leaves Will Reduce The Clutter Of To-Dos In Your Camera Roll

January 3, 2014

Shoots & Leaves - The Camera That Turns Photos Into Links ($1.99) by Smart Goat, LLC is a more efficient way to turn your photos into tasks. It’s time to start this new year right by reducing the clutter that ends up finding its way to your device’s Camera Roll.

Ever snap a photo to remind yourself to do something later? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. Capture a photo of that thing you want to buy later, whether for yourself or someone else. Or snap a list of ingredients to remember what to pick up at the store later, or perhaps you need a specific light bulb replacement? No matter what it may be, our Camera Rolls are probably filled with images that had one purpose, and that purpose is long gone by now, we just forgot about it. These days can be put behind us thanks to the the concept behind Shoots & Leaves.

Shoots & Leaves features a simple and clean interface that is highly intuitive from the get-go. It features a flat design that fits in with iOS 7, and it’s fairly straightforward, even if you don’t look at the brief tutorial. It’s also easy to take new images with Shoots & Leaves, thanks to that big capture button. Still, I recommend skimming over the tutorial so you can see how to change the image uploading service as well as take actions on your images.

Since the purpose of Shoots & Leaves is to take a capture, give the task a title, and then leave the app, it makes sense that it will launch into the camera screen by default. From here, you can toggle flash, rear or front-facing cameras, and then just tap on the button to capture and upload the image.

By default, images will be uploaded through the imgur service, which requires no account information. However, there are options to use CloudApp and Dropbox as well, if you’d prefer. Just log in to your account, and you’ll be good to go with Shoots & Leaves. You can be logged in to multiple services at once, and switch between them with a few taps.

Once you take the image, it will automatically get updated to the service you’ve selected and you can then give it a name. When it’s done uploading, the app will get the link for the upload and attach it with your text, creating a to-do item complete with link to your image.

Just like the image service, there are several options for the action that occurs when you save an image as a task. By default, it will be sent to your Inbox list in However, if you tap on the icon in the bottom right corner for the action, there is actually a handful of choices to pick from. You can copy the markdown link into the clipboard and paste it into whatever other app you’d like, email it, send it as a message, or open it in Safari. You can edit this list and add new options to your choices, including sending it to OmniFocus 2 or Drafts. The developer is working to get more apps integrated in the future.

Additionally, you can customize each action as well. By tapping on the “i” button for each, you can rename the shortcut for easier recognition, and then create a template for how the data will look once it is passed forward. You can even include a default title and description if you want, or have the app prompt you each time.

I am loving the concept behind Shoots & Leaves so far, and I will definitely be keeping this around for a while. I often find myself snapping pictures just to remind myself of something later, so this app will really help get rid of the clutter in my Camera Roll, and I’m sure it will for many others as well. I am looking forward to seeing more apps integrated with Shoots & Leaves, and it would also be nice to have more image uploading services as well.

So step up and reduce the clutter in your Camera Roll this year. You can grab Shoots & Leaves in the App Store for on your iPhone for $1.99.

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Shoots & Leaves - The Camera That Turns Photos Into Links
Shoots & Leaves - The Camera That Turns Photos Into Links
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