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Smiledetector — The most fun camera app
Smiledetector — The most fun camera app

Always Capture The Perfect Smile In Your Photos With Smiledetector

April 16, 2013

Smiledetector — The most fun camera app ($0.99) by Pandapps is a fun and quick way to capture happy photos with your friends and family.

Everyone loves to take photos of each other, especially when the times are good and everyone’s happy. But have you ever wished that your phone could just snap the photo automatically once everyone is smiling at the same time? Also keep in mind that sometimes the best photos happen unexpectedly, when everyone is smiling or laughing. So what better app for capturing these perfect opportunity photos than Smiledetector?

This is a fairly simple app, and it’s easy to understand it right from the get-go. When you launch it, Smiledetector will just be in the capture mode, ready to snap pics of perfect smiles. You can toggle between the front and rear facing camera and the flash as you would in any other camera app. If it’s looking blurry, you can focus by tapping anywhere on the screen, though it does not use that point as the focus. Of course, this app is about capturing portraits of people, so you probably don’t need to focus much.

Regardless of which camera you are using, Smiledetector will detect a face and autofocus on it so that it is sharp in the final picture. Once the subject(s) has a noticeable smile (with or without teeth is fine), Smiledetector will capture the image. You can see the image right after it is captured, and the app also includes eight filters that you can apply to the portrait as well. Tap on the red x to trash it or the green checkmark to save it to your Camera Roll.

Smiledetector will have a photo gallery option by tapping on the thumbnail of the last captured shot in the bottom left. You can view your entire Camera Roll through the app, but you can’t import images to use the app’s filters. I hope that this can be added in the future as a bonus, even though the app’s main focus is capturing fresh smiles.

This is a simple little app that should definitely have some practical use when out with friends and family. If you are prone to be the photographer of capturing happy moments during gatherings, or just want to quickly capture some happy selfies, then this app will make the task a lot easier. You can grab Smiledetector in the App Store for $0.99.

And who can resist such an awesome little icon?

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Smiledetector — The most fun camera app
Smiledetector — The most fun camera app

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