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Create Your Own Path Through A World Of Magic In Sorcery!

May 5, 2013

Sorcery! ($4.99) by inkle is an interactive adventure that’s based on the popular gamebook series from the ’80s. If you were a fan of the Fighting Fantasy books, this is an app you’re going to love.

You play as a medieval warrior that you move through a 3-D map. Whichever path you decide to take will involve plenty of entertaining battles and challenges.

The story is revealed as you progress through your adventure. The increasing amount of information you get will help you make the best decisions through the various stages.

This isn’t just an adventure story you flick through, it’s full of interactive challenges that make good use of what’s possible with iOS. This is not the first app of its kind and some might prefer the ones that take a different approach, but I like the way Sorcery! takes you through your adventure.

The challenges you come across during your journey involve a mixture of light action and short paragraphs. The various enemies you’ll need to fight will have to deal with your strategic defensive and attacking skills.

There are so many choices to make during your adventure, so everyone will have a different experience with this app. You can take the more peaceful approach and be kind to the the people you encounter, or have a more exciting time by fighting and casting spells on anyone who gets in your way. After winning a fight, you get the opportunity to share your victory with your followers on Twitter.

The background music does a great job of enhancing your medieval experience, especially during the tense battles. The graphics used in Sorcery! are flawless and overall, this is probably the best interactive story app I’ve seen.

There’s no denying that playing this game involves plenty of reading and only short bursts of action. If you want a role playing game that’s more involving and less about reading, this isn’t the app for you.

For those of you who enjoy gamebooks and choosing your own adventures, this app is certainly worth checking out. It’s also worth downloading if you were one of the millions of Fighting Fantasy fans.

You can get Sorcery! for both the iPhone and iPad for $4.99 in the App Store.

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