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Sprinkle Islands
Sprinkle Islands

Sprinkle Islands Are On Fire And You Can Help Save The Day

July 11, 2013

Sprinkle Islands ($1.99) by Mediocre AB is a casual physics-based puzzle game that is set in the world of the Titans. It is somewhat of a sequel to the popular Sprinkle physics-based water game. This time, the Titans are fighting fire on various islands.

Players control a water-shooting fire truck made out of wood. The goal is to put out all of the fires before a single Titan’s hut burns down. Spray wide streams through narrow crevasses to hit the huts in just the right spot. If you run out of water before all of the fires are out, you are done for.

The fire truck moves forward automatically and stops when you are positioned to hit the target. To aim the hose, drag your finger up or down on the screen. The hose will rise up high or lower almost to the ground. To shoot water, touch the red button. The water will flow as long as your finger is on the trigger.

Each level features a complex obstacle course that involves burning garbage, boulders that get in the way, bridges that can’t be crossed, and more. Use the hose to knock blocks out of the way, reroute water through tunnels, and trigger bridge levers.

The water shoots from the hose and against the rock face opposite the fire truck. If the face is curved in any way, the water will flow according to the pathway. Sometimes, the curve of the rock face helps put fires out that are in areas that can’t be reached any other way. Other times, the water flow will cause boulders to roll onto bridge levers or make blocks fall into holes so that the fire truck can move forward.

The fire truck has a limited amount of water. Use it sparingly. The more you have at the end of a level, the higher your point score will be. If you use up all of the water before the fire has gone out, you will lose and have to start over again.

Players can skip levels that are too difficult if they replay them and fail twice. You can skip as many times as you like. There doesn’t appear to be a limit.

This game is definitely entertaining. However, I have one issue. I’d like to be able to see hints on how to put out all of the fires in one area. If you are stuck, your only option is to skip the entire level. I’d like the ability to see hints for putting out a particularly hard to reach fire so that I don’t have to skip the whole level.

The game is fun and offers decent challenges that are engaging, but not too difficult. There are 48 levels across four islands for only $1.99. It is reasonably priced and worth every penny. If you are a fan of physics-based puzzle games, check out Sprinkle Islands in the App Store today.

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