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Stow - the modern packing list
Stow - the modern packing list

Organize Your Next Trip With Stow-The Modern Packing List

January 23, 2013

Stow - the modern packing list ($1.99) by Apptifica, LLC is a simple, but useful packing list to help you keep organized. You’ll never forget your toothbrush again with this helpful tool.

If you are planning one or more trips over the next six months, chances are you need a packing list. The problem with making lists is that, sometimes you forget to write down things you need to pack. This app helps you remember the important stuff by starting you off with a template that includes items specific for certain types of trips.

For example, if you are planning a camping trip, you can choose the Camping template and a packing list will be generated that includes such items as a sleeping bag, tent, and marshmallows. If you pick the Ski Trip template, the list will include snow pants, ski boots, and warm socks.

The first thing you will do is make a file for the person you are packing for. If you tend to be the one in the family to get everyone ready before a trip, you can add basic information for yourself and everyone in your household. You can add a name, select a gender, and enter whether the person is an adult, child, or baby. Then, add whether the person wears glasses or contacts. If you pack for you two boys and your hubby, you can have different files for each one. When you go to create a packing list, you can pick whom you will be packing for.

If you are packing for yourself and your sweetheart, the list will generate items for both of you based on the file info. Each item will have your name or your sweetie’s name listed under it.

If you don’t see items that you plan on bringing listed in the template, you can add them from the additional items list. You can even create your own items if they aren’t anywhere in the app. I added migraine medicine to the list.

You can also add notes to each item. For example, if you are packing your camera charger, but you are bringing two cameras, you can add a reminder to bring one charger for each camera.

Instead of having clothing items listed individually, the app generates “Outfits.” If you are going to be on your trip for three days, you’ll have three outfits on your list. Personally, I prefer having my clothing items listed individually. If I want to bring two pairs of pants and a skirt, I want to see that on my list so I remember to pack them. The note feature helps with remembering what you mean by “outfit,” but I think it would be simpler to have them listed separately.

You can include the type of weather you plan on encountering to add rain gear, sunscreen, and other weather-related accessories. You also can include whether you will be doing laundry on your trip. You can even combine list templates if you are planning a beach trip and amusement park trip at the same time.

Once your list is complete, you can print it out or send it through email. You can also save your template if you have generated a packing list that suits you better than the premade ones.

This is a fairly useful packing app with lots of features. It also isn’t overburdened with unneeded extras. It is very simple and user friendly. The price is a little steep considering it doesn’t have iCloud syncing and isn’t optimized for the iPad. Even without those features, it is still a very useful app. If you are looking for a good packing app, this is definitely a good option.

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Stow - the modern packing list
Stow - the modern packing list
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