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The Lone Ranger by Disney
The Lone Ranger by Disney

‘Hi Ho Silver!’ The Lone Ranger By Disney Rides Into The App Store

July 3, 2013

The Lone Ranger by Disney (Free) by Disney is a task based role-playing game that sends you to the Old West. Help a growing town from being terrorized by the infamous Cavendish gang.

Players start off on a Wild West adventure where they meet the Lone Ranger on the way to a new town. While the masked hero doesn’t stick around, he makes an appearance when you need him the most.

The first chapter of the game takes place in the town of Colby, a new settlement that desperately needs a sheriff. If you can prove yourself worthy, you will become the town’s protector. You’ll be scaring off rats, dueling with outlaws, and tracking down criminals.

The game is based on the replenishing energy style of play. You are tasked with certain activities, like digging a grave or loading supplies. Each activity costs a certain amount of energy points to complete. When you’ve run out, you can either wait for your energy to replenish or buy more by spending silver. Players replenish one energy point every 2.5 minutes. There is also a water well that grants six energy points once per hour.

While you are waiting for energy points, you can duel against local outlaws. You will find the criminals on the street. They have a red or yellow target above their heads. You can also find dueling partners on the Wanted Poster wall. Here, you will play against real player’s characters. You will not be dueling one-on-one with another person. But, your statistics will be matched with your opponents. If you are faster on the draw, you will win the duel and earn money and experience points.

When you duel, you will lose bullets for each round. Once you run out of bullets, you have to wait to replenish them or purchase more with silver coins.

As you can see, this game is heavily based on paying to play. By the time you reach the third level, you will have run out of energy and bullets and won’t be able to do anything without waiting or spending money.

I still enjoyed playing this western adventure game. There is always something to do if you have enough energy to do it. This game would be a lot of fun for kids around the age of 10. However, you should be sure to turn off in-app purchases if you let your young ‘un have a whack at this game. It is sure to frustrate them into wanting to buy silver so that they can keep playing. No one has the level of patience required to get through this game without buying something. You can download it in the App Store for free.

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