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The Zombie Dash
The Zombie Dash

The Jumping Undead Featured In The Zombie Dash

January 3, 2013

The Zombie Dash ($0.99) by Red Piston puts you in the role of a brain-starved zombie. He needs to eat up because he has a lot of running ahead of him.

This simple endless runner game is all about going from one platform to the next and not falling into the swamp water below them. Giant Venus Flytraps perched on the platforms also pose as a risk.

Life points take the form of brains, so hitting a flytrap will ding you a brain. However, others ones are available on the different platforms, which will help keep your undead guy alive (not sure how the metaphysics of that works out).

The game literally throws you into the action without any tutorial or help screen. Luckily enough, all you need to know is to tap the screen to make the zombie jump. You’ll also discover the zombie’s innate inane ability; namely barfing every time he jumps. Zombies aren’t known for being civil creatures, and this one isn’t afraid to treat the world like a rock star treats a hotel room.

The endless runner platform setup is similar to Nyan Cat: Lost in Space. Different tiers of platforms line the level, with a nasty peril below them. Obviously, the best strategy is to stay on the upper platforms as much as possible because it’s hard to get back to the top once the speed increases.

But what I like about this game over Nyan is the developer’s consideration of color coding the platforms. This removes the guesswork of how close to the water you are, also serving as a signal for when you need to head for higher ground.

As you become better with the game, you’ll pass markers that show your previous ending points. Just make sure not to look at them too long, or you’ll quickly create a new end point.

Overall, this is a fun game. Those who are into the zombie or endless runner genres will like this one. The only drawback is the little variation experienced between games. Ranged bad guys, traps, or power ups would definitely spice up the action, just like in Jetpack Joyride.

Shamble over to the App Store to give this app a look.

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