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Three Points
Three Points

You only have 3 choices in reflex arcade game Three Points

August 11, 2014

Three Points (Free) by David Zobrist is an endless reflex game that, although laughably simple in its concept, has the ability to quickly become addictive and frustrating.

The concept of the game doesn’t have much to it. After being presented with a blank white screen, you’ll find a triangle near the bottom that is made up of three smaller isometric triangles, giving it a 3-D appearance. This is the same triangle that appears on the app’s icon, so you know it must be important.

Once a game of Three Points begins, circles that are either purple, blue, or red-orange will begin to fall toward the triangle. It isn’t by coincidence that the triangle is made up of the same three colors. It’s designed this way because, as circles fall toward it, it’s your job to tap the triangle to rotate it in a Tetris-like fashion to make sure that each circle lands on the proper side.

Since the triangle in Three Points rotates 120 degrees with each tap, you’ll ultimately have to decide to single- or double-tap if you need to rotate the triangle to bring it to the right orientation. As your score increases by one point for every circle successfully collected, the speed of the game will increase. Your goal with this is to get the highest score possible with each run.

Three Points is a great game to test your reflexes with. Despite being free with iAds and possibly too basic, the fact that it speeds up quickly gives it the potential to be very addictive. Of course, that depends on which type of gamer or non-gamer you are.

Three Points for iPhone is available on the App Store for free if you’d like to check it out. I’ve been enjoying it more than I would have expected so far, so I think you should give it a shot.

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Three Points
Three Points
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