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Timer Bundle
Timer Bundle

Keep Track of All Your Cooking Times At Once With Timer Bundle

December 27, 2012

Timer Bundle ($1.99) by Svetlana Brandel is a convenient utility app that lets you keep track of everything that you need timed on one screen. You can even set a timer for your turkey and go for a run while tracking your laps.

This useful app is a workhorse when it comes to timers. Users can add as many as they like, each with a different color, alarm sound, and name. To start a new timer, drag your finger downward on the screen until one appears. Then, tap the click wheel to set the time. You can set the alarm to automatically restart or disable the timer looper. Then, pick a color and a sound for the alarm and you are ready to go.

Users can set advanced features, like naming each timer and linking multiple timers together. To link multiple timers together, tap the lower part of one and a small tab will drop down to connect with the one below. Once connected, if you start one timer, all others ones will start at the exact same time.

This app has multiple uses. It is not just a timer. You can also have multiple stopwatches running at the same time. So, you could set a timer for your laundry and then go for a jog. While the timer is still running, you could set your stopwatch to time your laps. You can even reset the time for each lap.

There are a couple of minor inconveniences with this app. I found the user interface, while attractive looking, to be difficult to navigate. There are some control features that seem awkward. For example, in order to delete a timer, you have to tap and hold the trashcan icon for about three seconds. You can’t delete multiple timers at once, either. Each timer must be manually deleted individually.

The icons are also very small on the iPhone screen, making it difficult to tap the right control at times. The icon to rename a timer is so miniscule that I couldn’t even access that feature most of the time.

The price is a bit steep. However, this app is rich in features. You can have a multitude of timers running at the same time, as well as set multiple stopwatches. You can link timers and stopwatches for synchronized starts and stops. For $1.99, I’d say it is a high price to pay, but worth the cost.

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