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They May Be Tiny Legends, But They Sure Are Heroic

December 8, 2012

is a strategy RPG game in the likes of Battleheart.

Oh, Battleheart. That game really brings back memories. I spent countless hours on it, because it was quite an addictive little game a few years back. So when I started playing Tiny Legends: Heroes, I immediately saw the likeness with Battleheart. Is this good, or bad? Let’s dive in.

For one, unlike Battleheart, Tiny Legends: Heroes is not 2-D, but rather 3-D. In fact, it even kind of reminds me of World of Warcraft, in a way. The environments are lush, the cube heads are kind of cute, and the game is optimized for Retina screens. However, unlike Battleheart, I did notice that some of the animations and movements are not as smooth as they could be.

Since this is a sequel to the original TinyLegends: Crazy Knight game, there is definitely a story going on. In the land of Kromdor, evil is arising and the dark lord Necralis has imprisoned some of the greatest champions there are, while also unleashing monsters across the land. Fortunately, there are some brave new adventurers who are ready to take up the challenge and save Kromdor.

When you aren’t exploring the vast dungeons, you will find yourself in a quiet little refugee camp, where you can recruit more heroes to your party, shop at the armory for more weapons and armor, and even unlock more skills for your heroes. As you make all the necessary preparations, just walk over to the dungeon entrance at the top of the map to begin your journey.

When you’re in the dungeon, and town map for that matter, movement is done by just dragging your finger across the screen. While in dungeons, you will see monsters crawling about. To initiate a battle with them, you will only need to bump into them. There are also chests to find that are filled with loot, so just run over to them and grab what you need. You can also teleport to the last level of the dungeon that you were on if needed, rather than going through and starting from the first floor again (unless you’re raising up levels of new units).

For battle, it’s exactly like Battleheart. Your three party members (you can switch them out easily if you have more than three) will be in a formation on the screen, and enemies will come at you from the bottom. To move them, tap on them and drag them where you want them to be. To target a party member or enemy, just tap and drag a line out to specified focus. If you want to use a character’s skill, tap on them to display their available actions, and then select the one you want to use.

Once you defeat the enemies and end the battle, you will be rewarded with experience points to increase you level, as well as some money. There’s also a nice little bonus at the end of each battle, where you see three choices of loot, which get randomized into chests. You get to pick one, but you can also get the other two if you cough up a crystal, which is the premium currency. The standard money used in the game is gold.

While there is plenty of loot to obtain, and each character class is cool and useful with their skills, I’m not loving this game like I loved Battleheart. I believe that part of the reason is that the battle system is not as well done as Battleheart. What I mean by this is the fact that it’s not as easy to select characters and assign a target for them, because I end up moving them unintentionally far too often.

However, that’s my only real complaint of the game, besides the block heads. It’s still pretty solid overall, and it should definitely hold off any Battleheart fans until Battleheart 2 comes out, whenever that may be.

If you’re a fan of Battleheart, or strategic RPG style games, then Tiny Legends: Heroes is worth checking out. You can get in the App Store for your iPhone or iPad for only $0.99.

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