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They Need To Be Fed 2
They Need To Be Fed 2

Feed The Small Creatures To Bigger Creatures In They Need To Fed 2

April 19, 2013

They Need To Be Fed 2 ($1.99) by Jesse Venbrux is the sequel to the original game that came out in 2010, which I reviewed here.

If you haven’t experienced the original, I still recommend it. This sequel is more of the same, but it does have a slew of new surprises as well. Basically, this is a clever platformer that implements 360 degree gravity, so you can move and jump in all directions, which is a nice twist on the genre.

The visuals in this game are just as they were in the original: colorful, vibrant, and smooth. It also uses silhouettes to dictate the creatures, which I still find to be mysterious, so it’s actually fitting. Even though the graphics look simple and uncluttered, they are quite delightful, especially once you get going in the game. The music is also charming, providing a great background for the game.

So what is the game all about? You must guide the small creature into the mouth of the bigger creature, hence the name. There are seven worlds in Classic for you to explore, with the later areas being unlocked once you acquire enough gems. Each of these will have eight levels for you to go through, so there is plenty to do in the game.

The gems are scattered throughout the level, and there is usually about one or two to find. However, you can get through a level without collecting any gems, but it’s not really wise. And if that is not enough for you, once you get 95 gems, you can unlock the Epic mode, which was not seen in the first game.

With 360 degrees of movement, how do you play? You control the creature with the movement buttons in the bottom left, which will move you either clockwise or counterclockwise. The button on the right hand side will allow you to jump. In TNTBF2, you will never fall, so don’t worry if you jump into nothing — the gravity from a nearby object will pull you right back in.

With the sequel, there’s a lot more to the game, especially in Epic Mode (available after you beat all Classic levels). You will encounter upside down levels and explosions, which are sure to make things even more interesting. There also won’t be any checkpoints, but plenty of new things to collect. So it’s all about timing your jumps and learning from your mistakes.

For the true perfectionists out there, you will also find secret golden beans to collect, so be on the lookout.

TNTBF2 comes with full Game Center integration for leaderboards (your total gems collected) and there are 20 achievements to obtain as well.

I loved the first game, so I am definitely enjoying the sequel as well. The only problem is that there really aren’t that many levels, so I hope that the developers add more levels in future updates. Also, while I played the game on my iPhone, the iPad may not have optimized controls, so a fix for that would be nice. However, on the iPhone, controls are tight and responsive, making the game that much more fluid.

If you are a fan of platformers in general, then this is definitely worth picking up. You can download your copy of this universal app in the App Store for $1.99, and start feeding those hungry monsters!

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