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Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends!
Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends!

Guess Who Your Facebook Friends Are In Who? The Game

August 28, 2013

Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends! (Free) by FrisBEE BV is a modern rendition of the classic board game that most of us have grew up with. Rather than have fictional faces on the cards, though, this game makes use of your Facebook friend’s profile photos.

Remember when people actually played board games on actual game boards, rather than their iPhones and iPads? Those were definitely some good times, and when you think about it, the more you probably end up missing it. Of course, people do still play board games, but our iOS devices make things so much easier, and add a fun new twist to things, don’t they? That’s exactly what you get with Who? The Game on iOS. Plus, this is a lot easier to set up and get ready, and you don’t need your friends or family over to play.

Who? The Game will require Facebook in order to play, and this time, the requirement makes sense. Of course, it would have also been nice to see some integration with other social networks like Twitter, for those who don’t have Facebook.

Once you get in the game, there will be a tutorial that will show you the basics of this game. It’s rather lengthy for a game tutorial, but not a big deal. If you have not played Guess Who? before (like me), then this will take a bit of getting used to, but it’s pretty simple once you get it down.

To start a game, you will need to find a Facebook friend who already has the app installed. People already playing will show up at the top of the list, and underneath is where you can start inviting people to download and play with you. When you start a game, the game board will get populated with 20 people on each target, and players will take turns asking each other yes or no questions to eliminate the non-target cards (the target is randomly selected for both players).

To knock a card down, just give it a tap — you can flip over as many cards as you need to during that turn if necessary. You will then want to ask the other player a question to eliminate wrong choices on the board. This is done by tapping on the “?” card off to the side, and then selecting an icon or you can manually type a question (make sure it can be answered with a yes or no).

If you get stuck, the game offers hints that will flip over multiple candidates that do not fit the target. You start out with only 10 of these, and if you need more, then you will have to buy them through in-app purchases. You can also earn credits the more you play, and these can be used to get more clues.

What makes Who? the Game stand out even more, though, is the fact that it has the additional bonus of having “Double Trouble” mode, which means that there will be two targets instead of one. This makes things a bit more difficult, since simple questions like “Is it a man?” or “Is it a woman?” won’t help you much. This is a great way to test your knowledge of your own Facebook friends — just how well do you know them? This has to be unlocked in the premium version of Who? the Game though, which will cost $1.99, and also give you some extras like 100 simultaneous games, 25 extra hints, and no ads. You can also buy hints in packs of 10 for $0.99 each.

Not only does this game offer challenging gameplay based on a classic, but it looks great as well. Even though it’s more on the skeuomorphic side, with that picnic tablecloth and cards spread on the side, I don’t mind as it fits the game well. It’s a modern rendition of a classic board game, so it should retain that feeling, which is evident with the interface. Everything is also laid out in a clear manner, making it rather intuitive.

So far, I’m really enjoying the game so far. I never actually played the Milton Bradley classic, but now I can enjoy it in a present-day setting. It looks great on Retina screens, and the gameplay is fun and easy-to-learn for those who haven’t played the original before. Even though the game is free, I feel like the IAP is definitely not forced on you (just some extras), so you can continue to play the game for nothing. Of course, if you do want to spice things up, then the Double Trouble mode makes it worth the premium cost.

I highly recommend checking out Who? the Game if you enjoy turn-based games with your Facebook friends, or if you were a fan of the classic board game that this is based on. You can get Who? the Game in the iPhone App Store (full iPad support coming soon) for free.

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Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends!
Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends!

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