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Wonderland Droids
Wonderland Droids

Wonderland Droids Will Take You Away On A Hot Air Balloon Adventure

December 7, 2012

Wonderland Droids ($1.99) by FunVoltage is a physics-based game full of mechanical wonder. Help the animated metal ball get to his friend the magnet as he travels across hot air balloons, conveyor belts and more. Don’t demagnetize the movers or the iron ball will fall to his doom and boy will that make the magnet mad.

There is a big-eyed iron ball hiding in a crack in the wall. Your goal is to help him get to his friend. The only way the little ball can move is by rolling. He is attracted to magnetic things, though, and the passing hot air balloons and conveyer belts can be magnetized with a tap.

You must coax the iron ball out of his hiding spot by tapping him. Then, when he drops, tap the nearest magnetic object to attract him. For example, after he drops, some hot air balloons will star moving around. Tap one that will be in the right time at the right place and it will trigger a magnetic field and pick up the ball to carry it to another location. Tap the hot air balloon again and it will turn off the magnetic field. The ball will drop. Hopefully, he will land on a conveyor belt that you magnetize, or even better, land on the magnet’s platform.

There are 60 levels in Classic mode and 60 levels in Adventure mode and they are all different. New obstacles and different movers appear throughout, but the goal is always the same. Unit the iron ball with the magnet.

This game is definitely fun for fans of physics-based games. The artwork is sweet and the levels are challenging enough to keep you going for hours. The price may seem a bit high at $1.99, but keep in mind that there are 120 levels in all.

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