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World War Z
World War Z

The Great Zombie War Has Finally Begun In World War Z

June 1, 2013

World War Z ($4.99) by Paramount Digital Entertainment is a story-driven action game that’s based on an upcoming movie.

Doug was casually enjoying a drink when everything went horribly wrong. The inevitable zombie apocalypse is happening and it doesn’t look pretty.

Doug has to stay focused and do whatever it takes to survive, but he also has to make sure his son survives too.

There are two modes you can destroy zombies in. The first is the challenge mode, which is essentially just about surviving as many attacks as possible. If you just want to get right to the action, this is the mode you’ll enjoy.

The story mode involves much more exploration. You do have to survive zombie attacks, but you also have to explore your environment and find useful objects and clues. While exploring, you’ll find yourself in tense situations where zombies could appear at any moment.

The story unfolds as you progress and it’s actually quite interesting. It helps you learn more about Doug and it makes this app more entertaining than the average zombie game. It does mean you have to be more patient though, as you will go through periods of time where you see no zombies at all. If you really need more action, you could always go back to the challenge mode. In both gameplay modes, the 3-D graphics and the background music do a great job of making this an exciting game to play.

The default controls were quite confusing at first. You look around by swiping and you move by tapping where you want to go. By default, you shoot automatically when your gun is aimed at a zombie, but this can be changed in the settings. I started to like the default controls more once I got used to them, but I still preferred the optional joysticks.

The weapons you get can be upgraded as you continue to earn experience points. You do have the option of unlocking virtual money with in-app purchases if you want the better weapons sooner.

If you’re not bored of zombie games yet, I do recommend checking this app out. The story is entertaining, the gameplay is fun, and the overall experience is worth spending time on.

You can get World War Z for both the iPhone and iPad for $4.99 in the App Store.

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