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Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed
Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed

Hit The Road To Smash Zombies All Over Again In Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed

September 5, 2013

Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed ($0.99) by Auxbrain, Inc. is a new iteration of the original Zombie Highway that puts a spin on the game in many ways. I played the original quite a bit shortly after its launch in 2010, and the availability of a fresh version is exciting. While Zombie Highway 2 is expected to drop in early- to mid-2014, Driver's Ed is more of a prequel to it than a continuation of the original.

For those that are unfamiliar with Zombie Highway, I'll go over the basics. Your goal is to drive along a post-apocalyptic road while avoiding zombies. If a zombie jumps onto the side of your vehicle, it will begin to tug on it. If more than one zombie pulls on the side of your car, it will flip over, and the game will end. These zombies can be taken care of by running them over, smashing them against the sides of obstacles, or through other destructive means. The score is based on your distance traveled.

Initially, there are a few major differences that you will encounter in Driver's Ed. Think of these changes as being analogous to the differences between Temple Run and Temple Run 2. The graphics in Driver's Ed have really been refined. The game looks, feels, and sounds superior to its predecessor.

Hence the title, players can also earn or purchase cash to upgrade their vehicle, rather than purchasing new guns like in the original. Doing so will make your car faster, easier to handle, and more durable. Unfortunately, guns are nowhere to be found in Driver's Ed, but they've actually been replaced by much more efficient weaponry. Upon reaching Level 3, you will unlock the remote to trigger explosives strapped to the back of zombies' heads. If it is charged, this device will allow you to literally blow the heads off of zombies that are hanging onto your vehicle. To be honest, it's pretty awesome.

Since Driver's Ed feels like a much more mature version of the original Zombie Highway, I like it even better. I am thrilled with the fact that it is, in many ways, a new game, and that the developers did not simply slap a new name and theme on an existing title. This makes me even more excited for Zombie Highway 2.

Check out Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed in the App Store. It's universal, and only $0.99.

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