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Dark Runner Ultimate
Dark Runner Ultimate

Quirky App Of The Day: Action Meets Endless Runner In Dark Runner Ultimate

May 29, 2013

Dark Runner Ultimate (Free) by Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd is an endless runner game that adds a few components of an action game to keep things interesting. While the graphics are awesome and the gameplay is pretty cool, the true addictive quality in this game is how it’s broken up into different levels.

Most endless runner games just let you run until you hit an obstacle, and then you die. There aren’t any lives or mercy. It’s just a swift and bleak end. In Dark Runner Ultimate, you have the choice between two modes. There’s a campaign and arcade option.

In the campaign mode, you run to the end of the level. As you run, there are flags that you hit to mark your progress. Your rating at the end of the level is determined by how many flags you hit. There are 50 different levels for you to play through.

The arcade mode is what most people associate with endless runner games. You continue to run for as long as possible without hitting any obstacles.

During the campaign and arcade modes, you collect hearts and stars. The stars can be used to get boosts for the arcade mode. The hearts allow you to continue from save points in the campaign mode instead of having to restart the level completely.

There are in-app purchases available. Honestly, the list is ridiculously long. There are life packs that you can buy that range from five lives for $0.99 to 500 lives for $29.99. There are also instant boost runs that range from 5,000 meters for $0.99 to 80,000 meters for $7.99. These instant boost runs can also be purchased with the stars that you earn during the game.

I liked how I could choose to run through individual levels instead of just playing the game for the sake of distance. I also thought the graphics were pretty awesome.

Dark Runner Ultimate is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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