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World Puzzle 3D
World Puzzle 3D

Quirky App Of The Day: Assemble A Globe With World Puzzle 3D

January 28, 2013

World Puzzle 3D (Free) by Byerdelen is a 3-D jigsaw puzzle of a globe. The app breaks the globe into 60 pieces, and you have to put it back together. Now, I never actually took a geography class in high school or college. However, I’m still pretty knowledgeable about where a lot of countries are located. I can usually pick the general area when given the name of a country. However, I didn’t know there were so many little islands chilling out in the middle of nowhere. I suddenly feel like my small town is a bustling metropolis compared to those islands.

In this puzzle, you don’t have to rotate these pieces to make them fit properly. That would have made this puzzle a nightmare. You can rotate the globe for a better view, but the pieces will change automatically, if needed, when you move them to the right area.

Luckily, there’s a red, yellow, and green indicator in the lower right corner to show you how close the piece is to the right spot. If you’re really close to the area, such as being just a piece-space away, the indicator will light up as green. If you’re a few spaces away, the indicator will show yellow. If you’re not even on the right continent, you’ll see the color red.

You would think that this puzzle should be easy, but the fact that there’s so much water to put together slows you down. The developers were also pretty brilliant with how they broke the pieces down. You don’t look at one and say, “There’s the East Coast of the United States. Perfect!” It’s more along the lines of looking at a piece and thinking, “Hey, there’s white on this piece. Antarctica! Or Greenland? Maybe Greenland. It could be Siberia though.” There are very few obvious giveaways about where they go.

I love putting puzzles together. I think the 3-D aspect to the puzzle is amazing. Also having to put it together on a rounded surface adds an additional challenge with how the pieces come together. I highly recommend downloading this app. It’s challenging and fun. The ability to break your personal best times adds a competitive edge, and the beautiful graphics make this an easy app to appreciate and enjoy.

World Puzzle 3D is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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World Puzzle 3D
World Puzzle 3D

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