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Quirky App Of The Day: Captain Cuddles Causes A Cat-Aclysm

November 7, 2013

CAT-ACLYSM (Free) by Jonathan Mulcahy is a physics-based game that features a sadistic cat bent on destruction. Captain Cuddles has discovered that his human subordinates have gone behind his back and scheduled a visit to the vet. The nerve. Now, not only must these humans in charge of fetching him food and cleaning his litter box suffer, but the entire world must know that cats are not subject to vet visits.

Apparently, Captain Cuddles has a flying saucer stashed away for a rainy day. I’m not a cat owner, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that flying saucers aren’t standard issue when you adopt a cat from the shelter or buy one through a classified ad.

This saucer is equipped with bombs. Captain Cuddles flies over the city and blows up the buildings. Instead of trying to prevent him from causing any damage, you’re going to aid and abet him on this mission. Your job is to level whatever buildings you find.

To move the saucer, use the paw print joystick in the lower left corner. When you have the saucer situated where you want the bomb to drop, tap on the screen. A bomb will fall from the saucer. When you’re ready for it to detonate, tap on the screen again.

Usually, building pieces will go flying. The buildings don’t act like solid structures. As soon as a bomb detonates, they fragment into pieces that resemble building blocks. This feature actually helps you to meet your goal.

There’s a gray line running across the background. It’s not a graphics error. That’s the line that all the pieces have to fit under in order for you to win. Anything poking above that line, even if it’s a lamppost, will cause you to lose.

The first 10 levels of this game are free and feature ads. If you are happy with the game, you can unlock an additional 90 levels and extra features through an in-app purchase. The cost is $1.99.

I enjoyed the strategy of how to best blow things up. It was a great game for venting, and it was interesting to be the villain instead of the hero. Seriously, a cat dropping bombs on buildings over a vet visit is definitely a villain. Feel free to try out the game and see for yourself.

Cat-Aclysm is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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