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Alice TD
Alice TD

Quirky App Of The Day: Combine Chess And Steampunk In Alice TD

April 14, 2013

Alice TD (Free) by Playtime gaming Inc is a tower defense game that has great graphics and an interesting spin on a classic children’s story. Your task is to help Alice and the White Rabbit make their way through Wonderland while fending off the queen’s guards.

Alice has met the White Rabbit. Unlike in the original story, the White Rabbit has a collar around his neck that the Queen Of Hearts attached. He needs Alice’s help to get it off. So, like any mild-mannered rabbit, he pushes her down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland.

Alice isn’t nearly as helpless as she was in Lewis Carroll’s famous book. Alice is quite a capable mechanic. She can build towers along a path to take down the queen’s guards as they walk past.

These aren’t ordinary towers though. First of all, they’re chess pieces, and I think that’s a brilliant idea. Everything else in Wonderland is fun and fanciful. Why should the towers be any different?

As if building towers to resemble chess pieces wasn’t awesome enough, these towers also have a steampunk element to them. In fact, all of Wonderland has this industrial sense to it.

Your goal is to build enough of these towers to take down all of the queen’s guards before they reach your clock base. Each tower has a different ability. Some affect groups of guards at the same time, and others deal heavy blows to individual soldiers.

The major challenge to this game is that there are both red and black enemies that you need to fight. Only black towers affect the black guards, and the red towers affect the red ones. There are towers that will fight both colors, but they are the most expensive towers that you can buy.

At the end of each level, you earn golden eggs. You can use these eggs to buy boosts from the store or unlock two additional areas to play through. You can buy more of these golden eggs through an in-app purchase. You can buy 10,000 for $0.99, 22,000 for $1.99, or 36,000 for $2.99.

Normally, I think that in-app purchases don’t fairly compensate you for spending your hard-earned money. This is the first game that I’ve thought that the in-app purchases were fair. To unlock the Blue Swamp is 2,500 golden eggs. The Red Queens Castle costs 3,500 golden eggs. The cheapest in-app purchase would unlock both of these new areas and leave you with 4,000 golden eggs for boosts. The most expensive boost costs only 20 eggs. Not bad for only spending a dollar.

I love this creative spin on Alice In Wonderland. I think her mechanical skills make her an awesome heroine, and I love the steampunk twist. This is definitely a game to try out.

Alice TD is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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