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Debonair Facial Hair
Debonair Facial Hair

Quirky App Of The Day: Create An Award Winning Moustache For ‘NoShavember’ In Debonair Facial Hair

November 11, 2013

Welcome to No Shave November. In honor of all the ladies and gentlemen who stay their blade for this month, we have an app that demonstrates just how creative you can get with your facial hair. Debonair Facial Hair has six fun characters who want the best mustache they’ve ever seen. You’re going to help them get it.

To help them get the perfect style for their personality, you’re going to need to brush out their mustache. You’re going to brush their facial hair so that it grows longer. If this actually worked, I can only imagine how many teenage boys would be in the bathroom every morning, brushing out their previously nonexistent beard.

Your brush will create a path with little dots that you’ll need to follow with your finger. You need to make sure that you hit all the dots in the right order. The faster you trace these trails, the better your score will be.

Along the right side of the screen is a barber’s pole. Instead of just red, white, and blue, the colors on this pole are red, yellow, and green. As you trace the lines of dots, you fill up the pole. Your score depends on how high you fill the pole. It also affects what sort of mustache style the character gets. There are 186 different styles available.

If you get a perfect score, you earn three stars. I got a 94 percent and still only got two stars. Getting three stars for all six characters is going to take a while. It’s not just the lines that give you grief. There are ruffians, as the game calls them, who make your job more difficult. For example, there’s a cow or sheep that walks right across the screen, and they block your ability to trace the line of dots. There are eleven different ruffians that you need to deal with.

Between the ruffians and the wacky mustache creations, this game was fun to play. It’s definitely challenging, and it keeps you coming back for more. So, grab a brush, and help these six characters get a look that’s perfect for them.

Debonair Facial Hair is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for $0.99.

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