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Quirky App Of The Day: Direct Traffic In Men's Room Mayhem

May 23, 2013

Men's Room Mayhem ($0.99) by Ripstone Ltd is a task-oriented game that resembles Diner Dash. There are certain routines that you have to follow, and you have to do them in a timely manner to avoid chaos. The main difference between these games would be their location. While Flo is serving people in her own diner, you’re directing traffic in a men’s room. Apparently, things can get pretty hectic behind those bathroom doors.

I’m going to say upfront that if you have no tolerance for bathroom humor, then right now would be a great point to stop reading this review. Seriously, it won’t hurt my feelings. It isn’t that the game is obscene. You definitely don’t see anything inappropriate, and your only clue that someone has used the restroom are benign sound effects like the toilet flushing.

The game is much more focused on completing tasks. You have to direct bathroom patrons to empty stalls, tell them to wash their hands, and lead them to the exit. The problem is keeping the men far away from each other so that a fight doesn’t break out. Heaven forbid you knock elbows with someone while washing your hands.

Every time a fight or an accident happens, you get a mayhem point. You can only get five of these points during a round before you lose the game. If you lose, your bathroom is deemed unsanitary, and it’s condemned.

There are achievements for you to complete. Some of them consist of going a specific number of rounds without having any mayhem break out. Others are to help a specific number of patrons. These achievements help you to unlock new locations and to earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal. Each medal requires the completion of 24 achievements.

There is an in-app purchase. You can purchase an Extras package for $0.99. The package includes two additional levels and Blitz Mode which allows you to play for three straight minutes.

If you don’t mind games that deal with bathrooms like The Sims, this game would probably be fun for you. It truly is just about completing tasks in an orderly manner. It just happens to be taking place in a restroom.

Men’s Room Mayhem is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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